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Biologique Recherche for Air France

Air Lift
July 15, 2014
By , Associate Editor
One of the greatest antidotes to flight fatigue is a well-curated travel survival kit. For fighting off hunger pangs in between meals, always have chocolate bark, freeze-dried fruit, and salt-vinegar crisps, for when that savory craving hits. For keeping busy, keep your iPhone loaded with 2048 and Sudoku puzzles (level: Evil). For catching some shut-eye, don’t forget the eye mask, chamomile tea, and noise-canceling headphones. Come prepared, and a twelve-hour red-eye has nothing on an organized traveler. But hunger, restlessness, and sleeplessness are not the only ailments to strike mid-air. The only people who emerge fresh-faced from an international flight are characters in Hollywood movies, and they have a dedicated team of makeup artists crafting the illusion. In real life, it takes mere hours in a dry and pressurized cabin for skin to show damage. (Never mind the disastrous interaction of time differences and skin-repairing Circadian rhythms.) 
Thus was born the collaboration between Biologique Recherche’s and Air France, for a comprehensive pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight beauty program. Pre-flight, book yourself a treatment in the La Premiere lounge, which can range from a 20 minute power session to what could just be the most luxurious use of two hours of yourlife. For in-flight, the skincare collection, which is now gracing each seat of the La Première cabin, combats threats to healthy skin. The mastermind of Dr. Allouche has to create the top solution in the market. We were skeptical, but we put it to the test on our recent 15 hour flight, and we emerged dare we say glowing and dewy. Your in-flight ritual begins with a cleansing and calming face cloth, followed by L’Euxygenante, an oxygen spray mist for use throughout your flight. 
To moisturize, the aptly named Crème VIP O2 is an oxygenating face cream, which locks in moisture to your skin. Lip balm, called Biokiss and the Emulsion Renovatrice Mains hand cream will quickly become a necessity in your daily skincare, way beyond the flight . Speaking of which, like good hosts, Air France provides you with a gift box of post-flight products, including an Emulsion Gel Biosensible, to calm your face. Who knew flying could be good for your skin?