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Traveling to Israel with Children

The Israel Family Adventure
September 18, 2019

Like many other places in the Mediterranean, Israel is known for being a family-friendly, laid-back, informal place where people love children. In general, it’s an easy place to travel to with your family. Hannah Blustin, Founder of Pomegranate Travel, Tel Aviv local and proud mother has shared with us some of the best recommendations of the best of Israel with children.

Because families often travel to Israel to engage with their heritage (be it Jewish, Christian, or Muslim), most tours are designed to tailor to everyone from youngest children to grandparents, to create a bonding experience for the family. And you’re in the right place - Israeli culture is family-oriented, and focused on education. In museums, there are special tracks for children to maximize their experience. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and The Israel Museum in Jerusalem have tours that are designed for both children and adults to get involved with the interactive experiences, meet locals, and learn about the history through experience – which is the best way to learn.

Israel defines the adventure destination. It’s exciting to learn about the culture by eating in the house of the member of a druze community, visiting a Bedouin tent, or going on a jeep adventure in the desert. Picture a tour through the Jerusalem Hills in the forested area of the Chorbat Borgin. After a day of learning about the ancient Jewish rebels who had to hide underground and fight in the Bar Kochba revolt against the Romans, your family will forage food for lunch, and learn to create lunch from local plants and learn to live off the land.

The desert is another can’t-miss experience in the Mecca. It is impossible to pass up a jeep ride in the Makhtesh Ramon. After you’ve repelled down the crater, your bravery is rewarded with a private barbeque lunch in the middle of nowhere. And if you still have courage left over, you can do a UV-guided night tour to discover scorpions (but whatever you do, do not wear flip-flops). 

You can also hop on an archeological dig for a day, and join experts in getting your hands dirty (along with everything else). You might get lucky and discover ancient coins or pottery – but it’s worth it either way.

A tour of the Old City of Jerusalem is another must-see – especially the Church of Holy Sepulchre. The sights and the smells are all a sensory overload. There are diverse people in colorful religious costumes, which is what makes Israel one of the greatest people-watching spots in the world. And don’t forget to take a trip through the Arab food market to try unknown traditional food, which your children will definitely remember.
The north of the country also has some beautiful hiking and biking trails – even if you like neither.



Where to Eat:

Israel is a foodie destination, and well-fed kids are happy kids. There are places of sophisticated cuisine, as well as a multitude of markets with weird and wonderful street food. A top recommendation for children is Puaa in the Jaffa flea markets – a family-friendly place decorated with inspiration from the flea market itself, to make children feel at home.


Where to Stay:

Although most places in Israel are family-friendly places of accommodation, a safe bet is always The Norman. Although it is a ‘grown-up’ hotel because it’s beautiful and sophisticated, it’s also delightful in the small gestures the hotel makes towards children. From being genuinely welcome to your whole family, and leaving age-appropriate gifts for children in the rooms, to having child-friendly menus in the restaurant.

The David Citadel in Jerusalem is also made to be a family-friendly hotel. A shopping bag’s swing away from the Alrov Mamilla Avenue, and an architectural centerpiece of the city, the David Citadel is a great alternative to The Norman.

And to top it up, Six Senses is opening up the Six Senses Shaharut in September of this year – and Six Senses is not only always a good idea, but it will add another layer of adventure to your family experience.