• Thursday, October 1, 2020

An International Play Date
November 20, 2010

Sometimes, for the overtaxed jet set family, an airport can be a destination unto itself. With its wide sun-drenched terminals, angled moving walkways, and generous family-friendly areas, Zurich International Airport provides even the youngest traveler with modern comforts.

Because a happy child means a happy flight, the masterminds behind the Zurich airport designed posh spaces for families to rest, recharge and play. Boasting a kitchenette, changing areas and a napping nook, the airport’s main family lounge is much more than your standard playroom. Junior will feast luxuriously in a Stokke high-chair in this thoughtfully arranged children’s paradise.

With entertainment that includes adorable wooden rockers, a fuzzball table, a video game station, a multi-language children’s library, and planned activities led by the airport’s own Julie Andrews doppelgänger, your children will never want to leave. Did we mention the jumbo-sized Connect Four? For the parents, of course.

Short on time? More areas of recreation are located closer to departure gates, where the little ones can climb jungle-themed ride-ons and challenge other stranded young jetsetters to a game of Memory.

Because when in Zurich, a missed flight is a gained opportunity for an international play date.