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Family Vacations Italy

Your Own Little Italian Village
May 9, 2012
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

They say that it takes a village to raise a child, so what better village then Borgo Finocchieto? An ancient Italian village turned private compound of five homes on a Tuscan hillside in Buonconvento, the Borgo Finocchieto is the stuff that Italian dreams are made of. Your double-income, no-kids weekend jaunts with nothing more than carry-on luggage have been replaced with traveling with more bags than gypsies and an entourage in tow. For a family vacation, you want a place to call home base for the week – and where the entertainment comes by easily. The Borgo Finocchieto provides a high dose of culture, group activities, and relaxation, and specializes in large groups of up to 44. This means that not only can you bring Mom, Dad, and the household staff, but also family and friends. If you’re looking for a place to do a family reunion, this is it. The setting is intimate, yet there’s more than enough private space and diversions on the six acres of Tuscan countryside to keep the family entertained for a week. 

Marco and his wife Carolyn manage the property, and they’re like child-whisperers. They have a wealth of knowledge on the area and are so welcoming that your kids will enjoy spending time with them as much as they do swimming in the 60-foot pool and horseback-riding in the countryside. The main house has nine bedrooms, all of which are gorgeous suites, and rents for about $8,800/night in its entirety in season. It’s worth every penny, and the reason you work so hard. In short, the Borgo is a home with all the comforts and five-star service of a hotel. 

There are more economical options, depending upon occupancy of the Borgo, in the four other homes on the property. Each of these has beautifully decorated rooms, charming living areas, and full kitchens where you can cook your own dinners or have a chef come in to prepare a family feast. The Borgo managers’ preference is to rent out the property to one large party, but they do offer it to smaller parties, when available, for a minimum of three nights. You pay for extras like lunches, dinners, and special wine requests, but otherwise they don’t nickel and dime you on your stay. Marco and Carolyn will stock the fridge with your children’s favorite snacks, and the chef will tailor meals that are delicious and nutritious.    

Back home, your children have a calendar that rivals your own. Here, it’s about spending quality time together and slowing down the pace. The Borgo is as much of a destination as the surrounding Tuscan countryside, where you can take day trips to Sienna, Florence, and the medieval town of Montalcino. For a unique adventure, the Borgo can arrange for a helicopter that will pick you up right in the backyard.  Or, you can keep it simple and hop on Borgo bicycles. 

Relaxation is taken to a high art: You can spend leisurely afternoons playing in the rolling hills, lounging by the pool or reading in the library, which was curated by a university president. In the evening, kick back in a media room worthy of a Hollywood studio bigwig, with many family-friendly movies. Practice your air guitar for family Rock Band night with Nintendo Wii or test your gaming skills on Playstation. The Borgo accommodates all ages, from young children to older kids, who will have the freedom to roam the grounds without getting into too much trouble. Best of all, your kids won’t roll their eyes when you utter the words “family vacation.” When it’s Borgo, they’ll want to go.

Plus, this is the kind of place that you can return to year after year, and with 22 bedrooms, it’ll fit your kids when they have a brood of their own.