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Craft Bar
May 7, 2014
By , Galavante Contributor

It’s crazy that no matter how much we see Katie Holmes and little Miss Suri Cruise around town, we’re still fascinated by their presence. Maybe it’s their strangely inoffensive complementary ensembles. Or maybe it’s our sheer jealousy of Suri’s playhouse, which is undoubtedly larger than the standard New York one-bedroom and reportedly features running water, electricity, and a garage for a children’s-edition Mercedes. Regardless,  when we heard that the dynamic mother-daughter duo have a go-to hangout, our interest was piqued.

The hangout in question is Make Meaning, an UES craft studio where kids with creative talents can get busy. There’s the wax bar for candle-making (our favorite is a Birthday Cake-scented number), as well as  glass- and soap-making, pottery-painting, cake-decorating and jewelry.

The best part? It’s as fun for adults as it is for kids. Your little ones can spend an afternoon beading a bracelet while you smooth colorful fondant onto a white cake’s blank canvas. And the spacious and airy interior lends itself to parent-child one-on-ones. Sure, it’s not tea at the Plaza or Winnie the Pooh at the New York Public Library. But even in the worldly travel department, this studio has the market cornered. You’re basically guaranteed to bring home a souvenir.