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What To Do In Portofino

September 3, 2019
By , Contributor

We all love to travel for different reasons – to learn, to relax, to soak in culture – you name it. Regardless of your reasoning, you know that there’s always a reason to go to Italy. We’re just here to point you in the right direction – which is decidedly Portofino. If you want to eat your face off, drink a bottle of wine with every meal, and relax in the most luxurious hotels, this is the place for you.

If there were to be a definitive list of the top five most beautiful places in the world, Portofino would have a firm slot—and it’d be gunning hard for first. It’s a fishing village on the Italian Riviera coastline lined with super-yachts, populated by high-end boutiques, cobblestone streets, a 16th-century fortress, many-a museums and art exhibitions, houses that were ejected from a postcard and pasted in this part of the world, and equipped with everything you could conceivably require to relax and recharge.

There’s a reason why Madonna, Denzel Washington, and the power-couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé get their butts off their yachts to visit Portofino. Places like this keep them thriving. Oh, and here’s a hot tip: Stay at the Belmond Hotel Splendido. It’s just a baller of a place.

At Portofino, you’ll refuel your soul for everything else you’re doing, while you’re conquering the universe – whether it’s in the office, at home with the family, or in the gym (but definitely plan some cheat days here).

It doesn’t matter why you chose to go to Italy this year. Portofino probably has what you’re looking for – we checked.