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What To Do In Malta

August 31, 2019
By , Contributor

Although there are some world-renowned vacation spots we like to relish in – all the Londons, Parises, St. Tropez’s and Mykonoses of the world, there is something particularly appealing about vacationing somewhere so off-the-grid, that it’s almost a secret. Sometimes, you want unspoiled, authentic and super-model-stunningly-gorgeous. A place that almost feels retro, where it isn’t about how many double and triple magnums you’re ordering. We’d like to welcome you to Malta.

Recently, the cultural capital of the world, Malta, put a lot of coin into beautifying its country (though they didn’t need to do much). From the capital city of Valletta, which inspires a wander, to the Island of Gozo, which is frozen in time in the 60s, it’s about swimming in the Blue Grotto at sunset and visiting ancient temples, older than the pyramids. There are fishing villages, where your fish is caught and practically brought straight to your plate. It’s almost difficult to believe that a place like this exists, and hasn’t been overrun with the riff raff.

There is also a reason (besides taxes) that hedge funds are setting up shop in Malta. With the Maltan marina big enough for any oligarch’s megayacht, one day Malta will be the next Monaco. So hop on that Maltan early investment experience, and visit before everyone else catches on. And when you return, make sure to keep it a secret.

Where to Eat:

Not that we’re trying to take anything away from the Maltese, but if you’ve traveled throughout Malta, you know the food is not the most notable. Your best bet is walking around the fishing villages, and stopping in for a bite wherever you see a high congregation of people – most places are not known for their mind-blowing food, but more so for the undiscovered atmosphere. The high gourmet standards of food have not yet hit Malta because it’s still so off the grid. But Ta'Frenc and Panorama deserve a special mention.