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What To Do In Israel

Israel: If Any Destination Is Considered Hot, This One Is Scorching
September 19, 2019
By , Contributor

If there’s a destination that’s regarded as hot this year, consider Israel scorching. There is a reason why so many diverse groups consider it their homeland. Even if you take away the fact that it’s the birthplace of Western religion, and all of the politics and economics in the region, you still have a place where the wine flows, the nightlife extends to the wee hours of the morning, and the culinary scene is tough to beat. This is also the place where some of the hottest hotels are opening, many within the in the next year. And now that it’s become the hub for international tech startups, the economy is thriving.

Israel is even worth the extreme security measures (and possible cavity search) it takes to get in. Precious things are worth protecting, and as soon as you arrive, you understand exactly why people have such a strong emotional connection with the country. It is beset with such a concoction of different personalities, it’s difficult to believe it’s all united under one flag. It is the only country in the world, where three religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism) come together – and Jerusalem is arguably the birthplace of all three. Jerusalem is also one of those places where if you’re not particularly religious, or if religion isn’t quite your thing, you at least feel a little bit spiritual. Even if visiting Bethlehem isn’t part of the itinerary – there’s no getting past Jerusalem. After all, the Israelis say: Haifa works, Jerusalem prays, and Tel Aviv plays.

And play Tel Aviv does. Picture this – a busy street, throngs of people at the markets in the cobblestone streets, open-air cafes filled to the brim, local bands playing left and right, and dancing – literally in the streets. And suddenly, on Friday evening when the sun goes down, a hush falls over the city, and it becomes a ghost town. (This is when you spend 24 hours enjoying the nature and the quiet, although rest assured, there’s still plenty to do). And right when you start to forget what it all looks like in full swing, the sun goes down on Saturday, and the city reemerges to throw an awe-dropping party to celebrate the end of Sabbath. We promise, you’ve never seen anything like it.


Oh, and you haven’t even seen the nightlife yet. Let’s not beat around the bush: Israelis know how to party. And because they’re all so beautiful, every party feels like you’re V.I.P. status. Toned physiques, glossy hair, and olive skin as far as the eye can see will make you rethink your beauty regime. It may be the Mediterranean diet, the anti-oxidants from the wine, or some magic potion they put in the water, but you’ll want whatever they’re having. And with plenty of restaurants to choose from, you can always have as much as your heart desires.

So if you’ve been yearning for a tan, some killer food, and great culture, we’ve got just the place. Now boarding for Israel.