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Trips Around the World

Four Seasons or Bust
August 28, 2013
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

You golfed a 67 on a par 72 at Pebble Beach. You have a standing “friends and family” reservation at the impossible-to-book Next Restaurant. You once closed a deal in Dubai, flew to London to close another, and made it home for supper. You’ve always prided yourself on being one step ahead. Then one day, everything you knew about life came crashing down around you. Apparently, the Four Seasons Around the World Tours by Private Jet had already sold out.

But another year, another chance to take the world by storm. Or in this case, a chance to take the world via a Boeing 757. As part of an elite group of 56, you’re not even breathing the same air as the First Class riffraff. The commoner air travel rules just don’t apply to you on this trip, so keep your shoes on through security, pack as much as you want into your custom Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, and get ready to travel like the .0001%. 

The Four Seasons has just released three new itineraries for 2014, so you can hit up ten destinations (from Bora Bora to Bali, and Seattle to the Serengeti) on four continents in 23 days, accompanied by a personal Four Seasons concierge. From the moment you're picked up at your Four Seasons suite to board the private plane, every logistic is expertly covered. Along the way, you can experience simple pleasures like scaling Sydney’s Harbour Bridge to view the city from 440 feet above it, mastering the art of preparing panang curry in Chiang Mai, and heading on a game safari in the Serengeti. And as you might expect, yes, you’ll be staying in the Four Seasons at each location. If that’s not a guaranteed home run of a vacation, we don’t know what is.

Around the World in 2014

There are three trips scheduled for 2014. This means being away from the office for three weeks, but on a private plane with WiFi, and at hotels where you can easily phone it in. Good luck explaining that to your boss, but if you’re even considering this trip, chances are you’re the boss.

March 14–April 5, the itinerary includes:
Los Angeles • Hualalai, Hawaii • Bora Bora • Sydney • Bali • Chiang Mai • The Taj Mahal and Mumbai • Istanbul • London
For a cool $87,950 per person, double occupancy ($8,950 single supplement), you too can be on this trip. 

August 30–September 23, the trip covers:
Seattle • Tokyo • Beijing • The Maldives • Serengeti • Istanbul • St. Petersburg • Marrakech • Boston
Cost: $89,950 per person, double occupancy ($8,950 single supplement)

For those looking for a little fun in the sun, the Rediscover the Americas takes you on a 2 1/2-week trip, February 24–March 13, through the following locales:
Miami • Nevis • Buenos Aires • Carmelo, Uruguay • Costa Rica • Punta Mita, Mexico • Los Angeles
Rates are $62,950 per person, double occupancy ($7,650 single supplement)

By virtue of the cost of the trips, this is an exclusive group of travelers. So, besides the extraordinary places, you’re going to be rubbing elbows with some pretty extraordinary people. There are a limited number of spaces, with only 56 spots for each trip, but hey, you ran the New York City Marathon in 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 7 seconds. A little competition has never gotten in the way of your good time.