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Travel to St Barts

St. Barth's - Party Like a Rock Star
December 5, 2012
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Freddie Mercury White-Gold Bathroom

Hardcore rock stars have, shall we say, tamed over the years. Gone are the days of trashed hotel rooms, blood transfusions, and Penny Lane. Today we have self-administered B12 shots and fashionable toddlers with four names. The only thing the same is the token Victoria’s Secret model as part of the entourage.

Yes, the VIP landscape has changed, and one could argue that the glory days of rock and roll are over. The good news? We can party like they aren’t.

Good For: Couples and groups of friends looking to have a good time. Villa Rockstar in St. Barth’s is the most over-the-top house on the most over-the-top island.

Villa Rockstar
The Highlights:

  • Your personal butler at Villa Rockstar is Piet, who is so much cooler than any guy named Jeeves.
  • The top-to-bottom 18-karat-gold Freddie Mercury bathroom.
  • Dining at On the Rocks on crispy rice sushi while a DJ from Paris spins tunes.
  • Dancing on tables at Nikki Beach, a short walk from Eden Rock.
  • Laying down a track in Rockstar’s recording studio, which has John Lennon’s original console where he recorded Imagine.

Cocktail Chatter

In 1784, after France had ruled St. Barth’s for several hundred years, King Louis XVI sold off the entire island to Sweden in exchange for lucrative trading rights in Gothenburg. The Scandinavians governed the island for a century, naming its capital, Gustavia, after King Gustav III. Today, many island buildings maintain Swedish colonial architectural flourishes, official buildings still hoist both French and Swedish flags, and the local coat of arms is bedecked with three Swedish crowns.

Villa Rockstar
Rock and Roll Will Never Die

Nestled within the sprawling Eden Rock complex, Villa Rockstar is like the platinum record of beach houses. There’s the Glen Affric whiskey bar manned by Piet the Butler (he makes a mean Old Fashioned), a floor-to-ceiling 18-karat-gold Freddie Mercury bathroom, and a Bob Marley suite with a tub for four (you do the math). Villa Rockstar offers 16,000 square feet to embark on a level of luxe debauchery that would make Keith Richards blush.

If you’re really feeling it, hit up the recording studio, complete with the same mixing console that John Lennon used to record Imagine. Go ahead – try it. Usher did.

Villa Rockstar might be the most extravagant place you’ll ever stay, but ‘tis the season to treat yourself. Yeah, we know, it’s only rock and roll. But we like it.

Eden Rock
The Logistics

There are no direct flights to St. Barth’s. Even those with private Learjets change to a smaller airplane in St. Maarten, St. Thomas, or San Juan (Puerto Rico) to fit on the tiny runway in St. Barth’s. Additionally, pilots have to contend with high winds, a narrow mountain pass, and a runway that literally ends at the beach. 

The best and safest way to get to St. Barth’s is to fly with Tradewind Aviation from San Juan.  While you can privately charter any type of plane, they have a scheduled charter to St. Barth’s, which is just like flying private. During the high season, the flight runs around $450 each way.  It’s competitive with the other airlines, and if you’re connecting without baggage, you don’t need to exit security. The only problem is that after flying Tradewind, commercial will never be the same. 

St. Barth's
For the off-season trip, you’re stuck with Winair, which is like taking an old bus in the sky. The airplane seems manual but somehow they get their well-heeled clientele back and forth safely for the 10-minute flight to St. Maarten. 

When you get to the airport, pick up the gorgeous magazines of St. Barth’s, especially the annual Guest Book,which has menus from the top restaurants on the island. The magazines will give you the inside scoop on the St. Barth’s social scene, players on the set, shops, and restaurants. Best of all, they’re gratis.

Hotels only shuttle you to and from the airport, so a car is essential here. In typical St. Barth’s style, even rental cars are chic and include convertible Mini Coopers or Jeep Wranglers. Cool Rental will also drop off the car at your hotel and pick it up from your destination of choice. For evening fun, cabs run 25–35 euros between destinations. 

(Photos: courtesy of Eden Rock)