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Travel to Ibiza

Ibiza - A Tale of Two Cities
June 15, 2011
By , Galavante Co-Founder

Even before you arrive, the anticipation of a raucous adventure is in the air. Passengers to Ibiza check their inhibitions, along with their luggage, at the airport. But this time around, Galavante is evading all the island’s clichés. Our Ibiza by Sea is for those who left their all-night party binges back in the ‘90s. Beyond the disco music is a relaxed bohemian culture that has attracted stylish Europeans for decades. This Ibiza is one where chic beaches meet tranquil seashores and gourmet food and drink is everywhere. 

The best way to attain this state of galavanting bliss is by cruising in your very own floating hotel. Spoom, an 82-foot classic yacht, fully staffed and stocked with your favorite beverages, will be waiting at Cala Jondal, just 20 minutes from the airport.

Meet your skipper in front of Blue Marlin, on Cala Jondal beach. Hand off your luggage and start sipping rosé while swaying to chilled-out music at the beachfront bar. Then, enjoy your first dinner in Ibiza with toes in the sand at the adjacent Yemanja. Feast on paella and local seafood, followed by the almond-flavored digestive Disaronno. Once satiated, climb aboard the yacht and doze off as your floating abode rocks sweetly in the night’s breeze.

Greet the morning surrounded by an illuminated bay and a radiant sun rising over Ibiza’s hills. A choice of eye-openers await on deck: A jump in the Mediterranean will wake you up – or keep it mellow with fresh juice, coffee, eggs and fruit. First stop is Formentera, a small island – sans automobiles – with crystal-clear waters that resemble the Caribbean. 

After the skipper drops anchor, swim to shore and join the bronzed locals on Playa de Illetas. This long, thin peninsula off the beach is perfect for walking and collecting shells.  You can also bicycle around the island.  Either way, make your way down the shore to the natural sulphur springs that have been used for centuries as a purifier for the skin. Jump in and let the mask dry in the sun, then splash it off with fresh Mediterranean seawater – it sure beats your regular spa treatment back home.

While reveling in your post-spa glow, enjoy a late lunch at Juan y Andrea on the beach. Shoes are not required, but a healthy appetite is. Salt-encrusted fish is the specialty here, which begs to be chased down with a bottle or three of rosé and finished off with a bite of chocolate cake, at which point we guarantee you’ll be ready for a siesta on Spoom’s upper deck. 

Before sunset, explore the open sea on the yacht’s jet ski. You’ll pass small islands and wild creatures of all sorts – birds flapping into the sky and large boats filled with party animals.

The main town on the island of Formentera has a small market selling jewelry and bohemian clothing and accessories. It’s definitely worth a visit before dining at one of the harbor’s many restaurants – our favorite is Aigua Sushi.

If you like dining alfresco, you’ll love sleeping alfresco. Slumber on Spoom’s upper deck, and you’ll be gently woken up by the sunrise and calm splashes of nearby bathers. The morning can take you in any direction you desire. Sail past the iconic Es Vedra island and spend the rest of the afternoon splashing in the water and relaxing on deck in Porroig. For lunch, fill up on fresh seafood at Es Torrent on the beach in Sant Josep

From Sant Josep, catch a ride into the heart of Ibiza and spend your last night exploring funky shops and local restaurants. Stroll over the drawbridge and through the gate of D’Alt Vila (“Upper Town”) for a vigorous walk up to the hilltop cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows. Enjoy a stunning view of the harbor under a sky lit pink by the setting sun, and then descend through the darkness for a light dinner of cured Iberian ham, tuna carpaccio and artichoke hearts at El Olivo.

It’s time to head back to sea. Wind your way through town, past the cocktail lounges, beach bars, and disco partiers, to your yacht docked in the Ibiza harbor. Fall asleep to the drone of the nearby nightclubs – at least you can say you experienced the two sides of Ibiza.