• Thursday, May 28, 2020

Top Hotels of St Barths

Eden Rock St. Barths
November 7, 2019
By , Associate Editor

Good for: 4 nights (it admittedly takes a while to get there). There is also a 3-day minimum length-of-stay policy for the holidays – but you wouldn’t want to leave sooner than that anyway.

When to go: All year round, especially for the holidays (except for hurricane season, which is during July and August).

Christmas and News Years have not been the same for the past several years because there’s been no Eden Rock St Barths. If there’s one hotel that best encompasses the island, it’s this one. To call it iconic is an understatement. Every A-list celebrity has stayed at Eden Rock – we’re talking Howard Hughes, Greta Garbo, Robert Mitchum, David and Peggy Rockefeller, as well as Leo and his gaggle of supermodels. And there’s a reason why.

When Hurricane Irma came through in September 2017, Eden Rock was completely devastated. But being the “Best Hotel in The World” according to Conde Nast Traveller, they have worked for the past several years to come back. And guess what, they’re even better than they were before.

After two years of renovations and building at the helm of the ER Design Group, all rooms and suites underwent a redesign and replenish. Three new rooms (Tristan, Arthur and Theodore – all with sea views) have been built on top of the Sand Bar, as have three new suites (Jane, Pippa, and Vogue). The beachside villas have also been remodeled – including Villa Rockstar (Leo’s favorite) which is now comprised of six suites.


True to its reputation, Eden Rock will continue exhibiting artworks and introducing artists as they have been for the past twenty years. Continuing its long-term collaboration with the New York Academy of Art’s Graduate School, the new and improved Eden Rock has also unearthed furniture and accessories from local artisans, and sourced bespoke antiques from France, the UK, Italy, and the US, which now make up the interior of the hotel.

The Sand Bar Restaurant has also been enlarged to feature the new Remy Bar – a laid back Colonial-style beach bar, which will serve food all day, and Master Chef Jean-Georges has assumed his post in spearheading the culinary endeavors of Eden Rock.


If we did have to name one flaw about the old Eden Rock (we wouldn’t because it was flawless – but let’s entertain this for arguments sake), it would be that the hotel had no spa. And now, the Eden Spa has taken up residency inside the top of the Rock, with a yacht-on-land sitting room, and three discreet cabins. The local brand Ligne St Barth is the star of the menu for a range of treatments that use natural and sundrenched products.

Thankfully though, some things stay the same. And that’s the pristine beach, the iconic hotel rooms on the rock, incredible team and service, and the impossibly beautiful people who grace Eden Rock. Eden Rock is back as of November 20th 2020, and everything is just as it should be again – only a little better now.