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Things To Do in Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez - Walking on a Dream
June 8, 2011
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Flowing champagne, surreally OPULENT yachts on the Mediterranean Sea and a SLEEK crowd of models, their friends and their friends’ friends: Life is GOOD in Saint-Tropez. People are here to have the TIME OF THEIR LIFE – and you are one of them. 

You’ll find many beautiful places to stay in Saint-Tropez. The Byblos is tops for its central location – a quick stroll to shops and restaurants – and, most importantly, for its club, Les Cave du Roy. Many a jetsetter calls this glamour nightspot their favorite in the world. It’s LEGENDARY, and unlike most things in life, deserves all the hype. Les Cave du Roy is near impossible to gain access to in high season, but if you’re staying at Byblos, you’re almost guaranteed entry. Know this, too: It’s expensive – very expensive – so bite the bullet and book a table with bottle service, since individual rounds of drinks run about 70 Euro. But, you’ll soon forget about cost as you survey the gorgeous crowd, move to the music and sip the sparkly. Our final word: If you look at the hotel website, you may be skeptical that this place is worth it, but we’re here to tell you that it very much is. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate romantic getaway, check into Chateau Le Mesediere, about 10–15 minutes away by private shuttle. With luxurious dwellings and five-star cuisine, this is the most upscale spread in the area, apart from staying on your private yacht, of course. 

Saint-Tropez town has a superb selection of luxury goods.  While you can buy your Jimmy Choo and Lanvin anywhere, this little beachside town seems to have the most unique selection. Saint-Tropez also features plenty of one-of-a-kind shops, where you can pick up special reminders of your visit.  One of our favorites is Sandales Tropezienne, a custom sandal-maker since 1927.  Give them three days, and they’ll make you the perfect pair for around 150 Euro. For effortlessly stylish Saint-Tropez threads, head to Maison Blanc Bleu. On Saturdays, Saint-Tropez hosts a well-curated vintage market. Male retail is just as good, with stylish shirts at La Chemise Tropezienne. To carry your cool new threads – and to fit in to the beach scene – stop by L’Aubier Saint-Tropez for straw bags and lavender souvenirs.  Saint-Tropez will put you in all sorts of the mood, and for that there’s Nana-Bis lingerie, and La Pause Douceur for sweet treats made with love. Marinette sells linens and glassware, and Galerie Henri Sié, artwork. Take a break at the famed Café de Paris, for an espresso and serious yacht-watching as the sun dips into the sea. 

Go big for your first night out at L’Escale, where they bring the beach to you – sand covers the floors of dining room. Be prepared for flashbulbs – the paparazzi roam the restaurant, taking pictures of the famous and infamous. All that, plus waiters who are as gorgeous as the diners, and you could easily forget about the food. Happily, the dishes are gorgeous too, including delicious steak and fish.

On many nights, you’ll see the staff balancing grand platters of seafood so big, it takes four of them to carry it out to the yachts. Let’s just say that it probably puts your New York takeout dinners to shame.

Just when you think you can’t top the scene, there’s Cave du Roy at the Byblos, where the clubbing begins and ends. You’ll see plenty of familiar faces from L’Escale, plus many more fresh ones straight off the boat. Tonight, it’s all about overindulgence – and being part of “it” crowd like never before (or since).

Slather on the Bain de Soleil – the sunny afternoons are leisurely and long at Club 55, where you’ll mingle with most beautiful assembly of people in the world.  Called “Cinquante Cinq,” this beach club is in neighboring Ramatuelle, because Saint-Tropez proper doesn’t have a beach. It’s a rosé-fueled day, from the moment you stretch out on your chaise lounge under a thatched roof to the cocktail lunch at the club.  The outdoor tented dining room has beautiful blue tablecloths, around which sit large groups of friends who all look like they’ve known each other forever.

Come evening, it will be tempting to do a full repeat of the night before (something, of course, we would never discourage.) But, to switch it up a bit, dine at Brasserie des Arts, which serves excellent French fare with a light Mediterranean touch. If you want to do five-star, head to the grand Château Hôtel de la Messardière, where you’ll feel like royalty. It’s a fifteen-minute drive from the center of Saint-Tropez, so a taxi will be in order.

Post-dinner, continue the night at the lively Olivier Fuchs, a wine bar and restaurant. As the wine flows, there is likely to be someone, maybe you, dancing on a table. Or, slip into Le Quai for drinks, which usually has a pretty decent singer of American Idol caliber. You’re once again by the marina, and very well could end up joining a party on someone’s modest yacht if you’re very, very lucky.

After a relaxing morning over a superb Byblos breakfast, go for a complete change of scenery. Escape to the quintessential French town of Ramatuelle, where it feels as if time has stood still. The art galleries here are surprisingly affordable: Galerie des Cigales features impressionist works by local artists, while Carole Zilberstein specializes in whimsical drawings and paintings. The cuisine in Ramateulle is exceptional. For French food with a view, relax at La Farigoulette, with a beautiful terrace that overlooks Ramatuelle and the surrounding countryside.  Also popular are the fresh pastas and ravioli at Au Fil à La Pâte, where they’re not shy with their truffles. 

As you leave town, stop in at La Reserve, a luxurious new boutique hotel, for a drink on the terrace or pampering in the spa. Along the way, get lost in the countryside, and visit one of the many lovely vineyards, where you can sip fragrant red wines that are five times your age. When the sun sets, though, the choice is clear: No one can stay away from Saint-Tropez.