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Silent Waters Jamaica

Galavante Confidential - The Not-So Silent Water of Montego Bay Jamaica
February 23, 2011
By , Galavante Co-Founder

You’re never too old to join friends on spring break. Thankfully, finer tastes and deeper budgets have given way to a more sophisticated existence since your primitive college years. These days, instead of loud, sunburned throngs of uninhibited co-eds, the privacy to do as you please is what you seek. Enter Silent Waters, Jamaica’s most striking villa getaway for you and your favorite travel companions. Resting on a dramatic hill overlooking Montego Bay, the warm feeling of arriving at an old friend’s home awaits, making you reconsider that foolish love affair with hotel stays.

A personal driver will effortlessly collect you and your lucky cohorts at the airport unless, of course, you are arriving by helicopter. Driving up to the gated estate, Silent Waters announces itself quietly. It’s neatly tucked amid the tropical grounds with six individual villa suites banded together by a sprawling common pavilion. Here, you’ll be greeted by the most welcoming of sights: a fully stocked bar surrounded by a stunning infinity pool. In the distance, a vista of lush mountains plunging into the Caribbean Sea will awaken your senses as you blissfully sip your welcome cocktail and wait to be pinched.

Jet setters missing the buzz of city galavantes can rest assured of being spared Survivor syndrome at this tropical oasis. Your only survival instinct kicks in around noon after you’ve knocked back several perfectly chilled Red Stripes. Although secluded from the bustling all-inclusive resorts known to populate the island, you’re “stranded” with good company and all the essential services of a luxury hotel — but with a personal, attentive touch. Helping to make life a little easier are a skilled and spirited bartender, talented personal chef, energetic yoga instructor, a warm and obliging housekeeping staff, mobile spa, as well as a private tennis court with jaw-dropping views and of course, Wi-Fi access.

To label Silent Waters a villa is a slight misnomer. This laid-back, luxurious destination is a verifiable compound. The Asian-inspired accommodations evoke an understated elegance that spiritually, will whisk you and your guests away to a more exotic paradise. Hand-carved Balinese doors and Thai statues line the doorways and common areas, with serene lily ponds dotting its beautifully landscaped grounds. The estate’s six distinct villa quarters are perfect for parting ways at the end of the evening but the owner’s villa is the prized accommodation, with its own breathtaking, wrap-around infinity pool.

Unbolt the shutters in the morning to greet the most glorious marriage of mountains, sea and sky, a reminder that there is no better place to Get Up and Stand Up. Forget morning wake-up calls — the birds chirping outside your wall-less bedroom do the job perfectly. Start the days by heading poolside to meet fellow gluttons for punishment at an unforgiving yet invigorating yoga session before heading to the outdoor gazebo for a healthy alfresco breakfast.

The heart and soul of the compound is its inviting open-air pavilion. This temple of Zen and relaxation overlooking the sea is comfortably outfitted with sprawling couches, board games and books, a piano, a flat screen TV perfectly suited for March Madness and an audio system sure to inspire the spontaneous 2 a.m. dance-off. Silent Waters effortlessly caters to every technology and lounging need without compromising your tranquil and jovial dispositions.

Activities at your disposal include weeklong tennis tournaments, intellectual bar-side chats over Kafka and the Big Lebowski, and a poolside rotation of laps, chapters of fiction and naps. At Silent Waters, let the spa come to you with a vigorous Thai massage in the private setting of your own open-air suite. For those seeking a passage to civilization, your driver will happily shuttle your crew to Doctor’s Cave Beach where you can swim in the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. If everyone’s idea of a good time includes water sports, have the concierge book a well-appointed catamaran for your seafaring crew. And for a lively evening out — if it’s a Monday — head over to Round Hill Hotel and Villas for their weekly Beach Party replete with an island barbecue and bonfire. It’s a sure oceanfront adventure with no shortage of reggae or moonlight.

Dinners at Silent Waters are an outdoor affair in the most seductive of candlelit settings. Throw on your favorite beach-chic attire for special nights or don your flip flop best. You are, after all, at home. The flavorful meals will surprise you. Whether it’s a hearty portion of Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup or a deliciously grilled catch of the day, rest assured your refined palate won’t be disappointed. No matter the menu, every night is a treat with candles, flowers, fine linens, and fresh island fare. Hard to please eaters can customize daily menus with the chef along with a special cocktail for the evening’s festivities. With such a spectacular setting, embrace the opportunity to throw an unforgettable poolside bash for your fabulous and festive bunch. The gracious staff is experienced in such matters, as they’ve been known to throw a milestone birthday party or two for the occasional celebrity guest at Silent Waters.

For laid-back luxury at its best, make Silent Waters your home away from home. After the harshest of winters, this much-needed galavante will let you rest, reconnect with friends and recharge for yet another year of unparallel globetrotting.

Silent Waters
Montego Bay, Jamaica
(847) 304-4700