• Monday, November 30, 2020

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A Love Letter to New York
September 9, 2020
By , Founder

Dear New York: You took it on the chin this 2020, but with little surprise, you took it like a champ. You did what needed to be done — no complaints, no drama, just action. And you did it with elegance, grace, compassion and style – in only the unique way in which you have managed every challenge and crisis throughout history.  New York, you have risen to the occasion, and you have set the example for the rest of the country.  It’s no surprise, that you are the leadership this country needed and the example of how to just get s--- done.  

We can’t talk about New York without giving major props to Governor Cuomo.  Your daily briefs were listened to by so many people in this country, and you gave us that reassurance we needed to know, that everything is going to be all right.  Your humor, banter with your brother, love for your mother and compassion where what we needed to get through the most uncertain times.  One day we will open the dictionary and your name will be under the definition of leader.   

Rumors of being down and out? Not a chance. There has never been, and never will be, a city quite like you, New York. You’re the place where only the fittest survive, which is what makes you so damned special. Since reopening, our hearts sing with seeing you come alive again, with every inch of progress you make.  The ingenuity of restaurants reopening, the hustle and the heart that business owners have put into fighting for survival, and the true New Yorkers who love you so much, that we aren’t going anywhere – this has been in many ways, New York’s spirit at its finest.  That’s what it boils down to; we have such pride in you  New York.  Anyone who has left, whether they can admit it or not, knows deep inside that something is missing, and something has died inside without being in your glorious presence, New York.  Because you are a city so special, you bring a pride and happiness that we just can’t get anywhere else in the world.  New York – we will never leave you, and we will fight to rebuild you, no matter what challenges there are ahead.  

While fall is the season you come out of the gates faster than a Triple Crown racehorse, we know this year will be different, but yet not. You’ll still lead the race. 

Dear New York — We Love You, Now & Forever.