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Mustique Vacation

Mustique - Bring the Entourage
December 26, 2012
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Forget the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Mustique is about the filthy rich and famous. There’s a reason the uber-elite choose Mustique. Essentially the Fort Knox of the Caribbean, Mustique is high-end, low maintenance, and paparazzi-free. In other words, you won’t see the Kardashians running around.

Good For: Families and groups of friends looking to have a good time. “Bring the entourage” is the philosophy, for that’s who will provide the entertainment on an island where there’s essentially just one restaurant and one bar. But in paradise, a week is not long enough. 

The Highlights:

  • Arriving at your villa for the first time. Even the most jaded of travelers become like kids in a candy store as they experience the extravagant yet down-to-earth welcome to their new $20-mil home for the week.
  • Dining in style courtesy of a private chef who cooks the equivalent of three-star Michelin meals.
  • Waking up early to have Macaroni beach to yourself for a morning wade in the waters, and then finding the billionaire next door has set up their beach towel next to yours for the day.
  • Partaking in the Tuesday cocktail party at the Cotton House with all the owners and vacationers in residence. Best look at who the other half is, ever.
  • Enjoying the luxury of a true vacation, where you won’t need a vacation afterwards.

What to Know: The weekly rental of the homes, which start at $16,000 and go up to six figures, is relatively affordable when split among a group of friends or even covered by one generous hitter. But, it takes a full day and a modest fortune to get to Mustique from a major city like New York. There is no direct flight to Mustique. Flights are most common from Barbados and Petit St. Vincent, and unless you know Tommy (Hilfager, that is), you’re taking the Mustique charter plane. Coupled with your international plane ticket, it’s probably one of the more expensive Caribbean destinations to get to. But once you’re on the island, it’s all such a deal – the best money you’ll spend on a vacation. 

Suggested Stay: Minimum 4 days, but optimally a week.

Cocktail Chatter

This remote, legendary hideaway of actors and pop stars is best known for being the stomping grounds of Princess Margaret, younger sister to Queen Elizabeth. Throughout much of the year, you could find Margaret in a whale-boned bathing suit and slouched in a deckchair, chain-smoking in the tropical heat, a bottle of gin on the table in front of her, hobnobbing with the likes of Mick Jagger and gangster John Bindon.

Your Own MTV "Cribs"

You may have done the villa drill in the Caribbean before, but it’s a whole another level on Mustique. And frankly, it’s easy to feel right at home in a $20-million spread, the private equivalent of a five-star hotel. Each home has its own unique personality, ranging from the corporate retreat to the party rock anthem mansion. Rent Hibiscus, and you’ll wish the walls could talk, with it being the party scene of Princes Harry and William, as well as the Duchess herself.

These villas are entourage-friendly. How else could you fill a 30,000-square-foot pad but with family, friends, and anyone you’re trying to impress? We’re talking infinity pools, screening rooms, and gyms complete with a personal trainer. Not to mention a full staff and legendary standard of service. There’s no choice in whether you’d like a private chef and full staff. It’s the minimum standard in each villa. You won’t even need to ask and you shall receive. Where private chef usually means dictated meals, here breakfasts are cooked to order for you and all your friends. A dozen different requests? No problem. Meals are an event in Mustique – your villa is your private restaurant, where the sky’s the limit. Think gourmet barbecues by the pool, and degustation menus at night. All you pay for are the groceries and beverages, along with a generous tip to the staff at the end of your stay. If you think you’re going to top a group trip after this – forget about it. 

The Cotton House

There’s one hotel on the island, the Cotton House, which caters to couples. The restaurants – both the lunchtime beach club (with good snorkeling) and formal dining room – are worth a stop just to switch it up for a night. The main reason, though, to pay a visit is the weekly hosted cocktail party. This is where people-watching reaches a whole new level. Our advice – keep calm, relax. You’re sipping rosé next to Mick Jagger and it’s no big deal. 

Mick’s Kids

Mustique’s nightlife scene basically begins and ends with Basil’s Beach Bar, which is worth venturing out to if only to rub elbows with Mick Jagger. Or Mick’s litter of kids. We suggest you make like the locals and have your personal chef prepare gourmet grub before you villa-hop with your new friends for late-night cocktails. Another bonus of gaining entrée to Mustique? Being treated by the billionaire next door like you belong. 

With a pimped-out equestrian center, a tennis club, and nine beaches that channel Bo Derek in “10” circa 1979, Mustique’s most surprising quality is its affordability. A villa that sleeps a baker’s dozen for a mere $16K a week? Just bring the entourage, and it’s yours.

(Photos: Villa in Mustique and Pasture Beach, courtesy of Dale Curtis)