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Most luxurious villa in the world

Amanzoe Villa 20
September 12, 2016
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

It takes a lot to impress you.  You’ve blown through several extender books in your passport, staying in hundreds of luxury hotels around the world.  Forget the VIP section; where you are is the VIP. Nowadays when you travel, a hotel has to beat your American Psycho perfection of a home, with your Calacatta marble countertops brought in from Italy and 18-carat gold leaf tiled floor to ceiling master bath.  In other words, it’s near impossible to meet your standards.  But we’ve found a place, in the chic Peloponnese Peninsula, which is up for the challenge.  Welcome to Villa 20. 

To level set on the high expectation side, Villa 20 is part of the Amanzoe, one of the Aman Resorts.  While everyone else is in Mykonos and Santorini, which are great, you’re having lunch with Valentino on his yacht docked in Spetses for the next few days.  In other words, you are in one of the top two most exclusive areas, where the very top of the food chain lives throughout the summer months and into the glorious, crowd-free October in Greece. 

So what’s so special about Villa 20?  Set on 7 levels atop the highest hill of the Amanzoe resort with 9 bedrooms, there is room for 3 kings of the castle, with 3 master pavilions right under 1000 square feet, each with their own private pools.  Speaking of pools, we stopped counting at 7, including the one in the 6000 square foot spa complete with hammam and workout center rivaling KX in London.  That would be your own private spa and gym of course, completely separate from the resort.  We could continue on with the numbers game, which only gets more impressive, or just say that Villa 20 is the ultimate anyone, even a jaded billionaire, could ever ask for and more in an abode.

The Highlights:

·      Remember what it was like to sleep in guilt-free? Neither did we until we laid our heads on the deeply comfortable pillows and sunk into the Aman beds.  The rooms are so chicly, quietly lavish that you’ll pull those blackout shades and get a proper vacation.  When you do decide to let the sunshine in, your views of the Peloponnese are stunning enough from your bed, to encourage you to order in that private chef to do some in-room-service. 

·      The food.  Besides having your own Greek taverna set within olive trees right in the villa, you have a full-on separate BBQ to throw on huge grilled prawns and lobsters while you congregate with 20+ of your closest friends for a family dinner.  For more formal nights, the main dining room on the 6th floor gets you a prime view of the peninsula where there is nothing your chef can’t prepare to your heart’s desire.  We suggest cocktails on the terrace then settling in for a major gourmet feast. 

·      Grecian sunsets.  Whether you take them in from the one of the private terraces of Villa 20, or decide to socialize with the other Aman guests at the main resort, there is something unique about the bright yellow backdrop which intensifies as the sun sets and the moon rises in perfect concert, leaving a deep yellow and orange sky until it fades to midnight blue and the stars take over the evening sky. 

·      Spetses.  Sitting on the terrace of Le Poseidonion taking in the mega yachts while sipping your cappuccino, then switching over to a glass of divinely refreshing Greek white wine.  This is the only time you should sit back and watch the world go by. 

·      Exploring Hydra.  Taking a private boat to Hydra, the no-car island and spending the day exploring.  There is something intoxicatingly romantic about just wandering this Greek isle. 

While we’re not being cavalier with your hard-earned cash, the nightly nut on Villa 20 is not nearly what you think it should be, especially for the value you get.  So bring your entourage – it’s time to get lost at the Amanzoe Villa 20, where there’s no need to send out the search party.