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Introducing the New Galavante City Guides
July 9, 2014

Travel for the working jet-set—that’s our game. When you’ve got 48 hours and need a rock-star itinerary, we’re here for you. But when it’s time to cash in some real vacation days and plan a full-out holiday? Well, we’ve got that covered, too. Introducing our shiny-new, jam-packed City Guides. You’ll still get the tips and curated insider hot-spots you know and love—just way more of them. Posh hotels, local watering holes, trendy clubs, top restaurants and the hands-down best spots for retail therapy. Think of our guides as your bible to the major cities around the world.

Thanks to our Tastemakers, we can give you the rundown on any city as quickly as we can recite our own address. So stick with us and you’ll be sleeping in the best suite in Florence (which would be on the second floor at the Four Seasons Firenze); rubbing elbows with Hugh Grant over smoked salmon canapés at Brinkley’s in London; and learning the sensual art of tango in Buenos Aires’s hottest underground milongas. From there, just pick and choose from our list to complete your own ideal itinerary. We don’t call you Jet Set for nothing.

This week, we’re launching our guides with London, Paris, Florence and Buenos Aires, where we asked the locals and travelers alike what their favorite hotels, restaurants, shops and bars were, in these cities. We will be rolling out new guides weekly, so keep a lookout for them in The Special on Galavante, By the fall, they’ll have their very own section under Travel, with even more details and inside scoop on our top lists of diversions around the world. Are you interested in becoming a Galavante Tastemaker? Keep a lookout this fall for our Tastemaker Search, where 2 lucky travelers will be chosen to join our group.

Without further adieu, we are excited to present the London,Paris, Buenos Aires and Florence Guides.

Buenos Aires