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The October Monthly - The Top 5 in Travel
October 29, 2014

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Welcome to The October Monthly, your insider access to the best our travel, lifestyle and entertainment partners have to offer.  Who are these partners you may ask?  The simple answer is they are the exquisite places that have impressed you and our team of Working Jet Setters. We only partner with the best – but that doesn’t always mean the most expensive, except when it does.  But in those cases, it’s worth the splurge. 

Besides Galavante’s online magazine, newsletter and member events, we’re offering full-service travel bookings, and for our First Class Members of Galavante, extra exclusive perks at over 1700 properties and retailers worldwide. From your weekend getaways to bucket list trips, we are your hook up. 

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TCS World Travel

Private Plane, Around the World

Why we love it:  Because we like the power of making the plane wait. TCS takes what is already lavish – an around the world trip – and elevates it with a private jet, personal chef, five-star hotels, rounds of golf at private courses and the list goes on. 

The insider perk:  Special welcome amenity for Galavante members, and an invitation to a lavish soiree in NYC in 2015 to plot your travel world domination.

To book: Email firstclass@galavante.com



  Tradewind Aviation

Why we love it: We’re in a private plane state of mind this month.  But we’re always working the system.  Yes, for hitters they provide all the creature comforts of traditional private plane travel, but Tradewind brings private-level service to the well-heeled masses through its scheduled charter service to St. Barths, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

The insider perk:  First Class members receive VIP airport transfer. 

To book: Email firstclass@galavante.com



Hotel Guanahani & Spa
St. Barths

Why we love it:  Besides being on the most entertaining isle in the Caribbean, the Guanahani is the full-service resort – Spa by Clarins, two swimming pools, beach front locale and large, gracefully appointed bungalows.  Somehow, it caters equally well to both honeymooners and families who still want to have fun.

The insider perk:  Galavante members receive extra special VIP treatment and complimentary day car rental to explore the isle.


To book: Email firstclass@galavante.com


The Viceory

Why we love it:  The completely unspoiled beaches, stunning modern hotel architecture, interiors by designer Kelly Wearstler and cocktails by the pool at sunset.  Welcome to hanging with the cool kids. 

The insider perk:  Galavante members get special perks and amenities, and for all bookings, a second room booked gets 50% off which means a built-in group trip or family vacation.

To book: Email firstclass@galavante.com

The Six Senses


Why we love it: Some of the most deeply serene and gorgeous hotels in the world, the Six Senses just gets our Working Jet Setter needs. 

The insider perk:  So big, we can’t list them all here.  Late check-out till 4pm, VIP welcome amenities, complimentary internet, $100 - $250 excursion credits, room upgrades and other perks that truly say I love you. 

To book:  Email firstclass@galavante.com

The Galavante Membership

Our goal is to be your community, to share your recommendations, and get the inspiration for the best in travel, lifestyle and entertainment.  It is you that makes Galavante so unique.  Every single recommendation we make at Galavante is from one of our working jet setters.  Our Tastemakers are the foundation for our travel adventures, and you can expect to hear more from them this fall when we formally launch our Reviews & Forums.  We are the only company that is Travel for the Working Jet Set, by the Working Jet Set.  For at Galavante, that's what our mission is.  To change your life.  

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