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Four Seasons in Provence

Galavante Confidential - A Provence for all Four Seasons
August 31, 2011
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Four Seasons Provence

Where the only trading on your mind will be trading in work for the lavender-scented countryside, the Four Seasons Provence is where to completely decompress. While after a vacation you can sometimes feel like you need a vacation, that will not be the case here. In the circuit of the South of France, the Four Seasons Provence will give you that much needed R&R after what is certain to be a bender of a trip to St. Tropez or your very privileged friend’s yacht. The Cristal may still flow, but this place is all about chillin’ like a villain.

Four Seasons Spa
A destination unto itself, the Four Seasons is about checking in and not leaving the property, until it’s time for thatzzreality check of heading home. While many are consumed with getting the best room, every single room is the best at this all-suite haven in the hills. Even for a Four Seasons, the abodes are over the top. Here, you’ll hole up, hopefully not alone, in rooms that are larger than most Manhattan apartments, and if you’re a real hitter, bigger than most suburban homes. For those who are looking to really blow it out, reserve the Terre Blanche Villa at the not so modest size of 3,000 square feet. Private pool of course, and pretty much every other creature comfort you can think of. It’s no wonder that this is a CEO, and aspiring CEO, retreat. Just make sure you’re not booking your vacation at the same time as your boss, as you will surely meet here.

Four Seasons Golf
A full two days is needed on-site alone to experience the resort. The spa itself is larger than a boutique hotel at 34,000 square feet. With one of the most beautiful swimming pools, spa treatments that define bliss and sauna and steam, the rooms won’t be the only place you’re steaming it up. A full spa day is time well spent even for those who have a hard time relaxing. In fact, it’s just what the doctor ordered. A hard day at the spa will work up an appetite. We normally don’t recommend hotel restaurants, but the Ho Jo pancake house this is not. And if you’re staying at the Four Seasons, Faventia’s reputation will pique your curiosity. Faventia is known to be one of the best restaurants in all of France, which is a bold statement in itself. It’s an experience and worthwhile if you’ve never been. Those CEOs we keep referencing? We know for a fact it’s a fav.

Four Seasons Poolside
On day two, make like Tiger – on one of the two golf courses, that is - with 36 holes of pure scenic bliss. These are some serious courses, and don’t be surprised if you see deals being done. For those who want to change up scenery, head over to Callian and Montaroux, the neighboring towns with their picturesque medieval castles and quaint shops. Wherever you day takes you, meet up poolside where the rose will be chilling and you should be too. While it’s the end of our summer, this is a Provence for all Four Seasons.

(Photos: courtesy of the Four Seasons Provence)