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Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Upper East Side, NYC

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – UES Edition
October 23, 2013
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief

Fall is officially in the air, and your blissful Labor Day jaunt is an all too distant memory. Sounds like it’s time to call in for a good old-fashioned mental health day. To help the cause, we’re presenting our quarterly Galavante Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – the UES edition.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a lady or gent of leisure? Well, a day spent on the UES of Manhattan offers a pretty solid glimpse into that world. You gotta love a mid-morning Soul Cycle class where everyone’s acting like it’s their job. And frankly, the occasional mid-week Met visit constitutes a continuing education that anyone would benefit from. As for lunch, we just don’t do it like we used to. Take Truman Capote’s “swans,” for example, that lovely league of ladies who made the term “lunch” more an institutionthan a meal. While we understand that a three-martini lunch can no longer be an everyday occurrence, we encourage you to channel Lee Radziwill’s Colony-era style while enjoying the smoked trout crêpes and creamy spaetzle with wild mushrooms at Café Sabarsky. Top it off with Madison Avenue shopping, tea at the Carlyle, and happy hour (though it’s all happy, all the time on the UES) at The Mark Bar, and for one day traipsing across Park Avenue, you might as well have spent two weeks in Europe.

The sun is out and the leaves are turning. As Ferris so appropriately put it: How can you possibly be expected to handle school (nay, work) on a day like this?

Let’s Get Physical

The place: Soul Cycle

The scene: You’d be challenged to find a more attractive group of sweaty people than in a mid-morning UES Soul Cycle class. If you’re in need of a little fitness motivation, this is where you’ll find it. Lululemon not included. 

Where:140 E. 63rd St. and 1470 Third Ave., soul-cycle.com

Breakfast of Champions

The place: Eric Kayser

The scene: Expect casually elegant and highly attractive (see a theme here?) charity heads planning their next event over decadent white chocolate bread. If you’re in a savory mood, it’s never too early for the Crabe & Guacamole. Either way, your low-carb diet can be damned. It’s your day off and specialty breads you will have.

Where: 1294 Third Ave., maison-kayser-usa.com

Culture Club

The place: Metropolitan Museum of Art

The scene: With over 2 million pieces in its permanent collection, the Met has something for everyone. We suggest tackling one or two galleries of your favorite genre, then dropping by the latest special exhibit. In the case that you don’t own a Fifth Avenue apartment overlooking the park, a coffee or tea on the Met’s outdoor terrace will satisfy your need for changing leaves and city skyline.

Where: 1000 Fifth Ave., metmuseum.org

Lunch: The Institution

The place: Café Sabarsky

The scene: An Austrian café more authentic than even a Viennese kaffehaus, Sabarsky’s dishes are quintessentially Austrian, from the creamy spaetzle with peas and mushrooms to traditional schnitzel with a side of potato salad. (Hence the Soul Cycle). Dessert is a must, whether it’s a chocolate Sacher torte or an apple strudel. And on a weekday visit, you’ll bypass the usually long weekend queues. 

Where: 1048 Fifth Ave., cafesabarsky.com

The Epitome of Luxury

The place: Shopping along Madison Avenue, with standouts Ralph Lauren, Asprey, and Tom Ford.

The scene: If Carrie Bradshaw taught us anything, it’s this: When it comes to shopping, few places in this world beat Madison Avenue. Unfortunately for most of us (though fortunately for our wallets) the flagships’ elusive closing times make luxury shopping a bit of a weekday challenge. So clearly, now is the time to make some extravagant purchases. As the saying goes, when on the UES...

Afternoon Tea, Fit for a Queen

The place: The Carlyle

The scene: The Carlyle – an UES institution – is about as classic New York as it gets. The glamorous Art Deco interior and discreet elegance is reminiscent of a much more sophisticated era, which makes it an ideal place to stop for tea. While away a few afternoon hours with a traditional tea service, complete with egg salad and smoked salmon sandwiches, or order a martini if you feel so inclined. Oh, what the heck. Make it three.

Where: 35 E. 76th St., rosewoodhotels.com

A New Level to Happy Hour

The place: The Mark Restaurant and Bar

The scene: Arrive at Jean-George’s Mark Hotel outpost early enough, and you’ll have first pick of where to watch the scene unfold. And unfold it will, every night of the week. Order a Mark Cocktail, a fruity champagne concoction, and let the games begin. With one eye trained on the crowd, you’ll be sure to spot at least one of the Real Housewives of New York. We can’t promise a cat fight, but we’re pretty sure the odds are in your favor.  

Where: 25 E. 77th St., themarkhotel.com