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Exclusive Venetian Ball

Il Ballo del Doge: Venetian Ball
January 9, 2019
By , Contributor

Sontuoso. Such a sweet word with an even sweeter meaning. If your Italian is a bit rusty, here’s some help: sontuoso is where we get the English word “sumptuous.” It refers to something lavish, luxurious, magnificent, or rich—basically it’s everything we love in life.  And if there was only one word to describe the Il Ballo del Doge in Venice, sontuoso would barely even scratch the surface.

The Il Ballo del Doge is the creation of Italian luxury fashion designer Antonia Sautter and it’s simply incredible. This isn’t just another social event; it’s the quintessential costume party. This Venetian masquerade ball all but literally transports you back in time, and becomes a living, breathing (and dancing) work of art. Its over the top in every way—but most definitely in the best of ways. In Sautter’s own words, “The Il Ballo del Doge is not a dream, it is the dream.” 

The Palazzio Pisani Moretta is where the party is hosted, and leaves you with the impression that you’ve stumbled into a different world. The gorgeous interior design, high painted ceilings, and crystal chandeliers are enough to take your breathaway—not to mention the view of the Grand Canal. And the dress code is unlike anything you’ve ever attended. This is one of the few events in the world that isn’t black-tie optional because the black-tie isn’t formal enough. All of the costumes have to be handmade by Sautter herself in her Atelier. There’s a reason why Vanity Fair has called this ball “one of the most exclusive parties of the year.”

The Il Ballo del Doge is naturally reserved for ballers - think A-list celebrities, aristocrats, and international VIPs. But here’s the good news: we’ve got full access for you to hop on the list. So instead of brushing up on your Portuguese at Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival (again), order one of Antonia Sautter’s custom-made Venetian costumes before it’s too late. Once you’ve visited the Il Ballo del Doge, never again will you forget what it means to be sontuoso.