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Coolest London Restaurants

Our Top Five London Restaurants Today
June 13, 2018

A shout out to our local Tastemakers in London, Isabel Greiner and Nasiba Khar, as well as Supermodel Ubah Hassan, who helped us curate our Top Five List of the moment.  

1. Sexy Fish

Good for: The scene right in the heart of Mayfair.  

Why we like it:Truffles and dumplings? Yes please. This may not be the most authentic Asian, but it sure is the “sceniest” right now on the London circuit. It’s a restaurant that turns into a late-night lounge, so a ressie at this hotspot is a two-for. For nightcaps, come for the Japanese whisky; Sexy Fish has the second-largest collection in the world.  

2. Loulou’s

Good for: Feeling like the top of the food chain.  

Why we like it: They certainly keep out the riffraff at this private club, where the paparazzi have secured a permanent spot outside the velvet rope to catch a glimpse of the many celebrities seen on any given evening. It’s not quite worth selling your soul for a reservation, but close, so work your connections to book dinner here. Unlike other sceney spots, the food is all substance – you almost don’t need to people watch. Luckily, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.  

3. Daphne’s

Good for: An everyday dinner with good friends.  

Why we like it:  An oldie but a goodie. A real goodie, actually. Completely revamped a few years ago for its 50thanniversary, Daphne’s still brings the scene with its solid Italian cuisine – its chefs have perfected the spaghetti and lobster. There’s a reason why it’s been around for over 50 years, and that’s because it’s figured out the balance between food, service, and atmosphere. Whether you’re a longtime Londoner or just visiting, Daphne’s always guarantees a great night out in Chelsea. 

     4. Isabel

Good for:  A proper dinner to dress like grown-ups – that turns into late-night debauchery in their DJ lounge, the Dragon Room.  

Why we like it: The atmosphere is art deco décor and beautiful people. The owner, Argentine restauranteur Juan Santa Cruz, has a mini empire of sleek restaurants in Buenos Aires and London. The Argentines have always known how to party, and Isabel, the sister restaurant to Casa Cruz in Notting Hill and offshoot of the original in Buenos Aires, is one of the hottest celebrity hangouts of the moment that’s not a private club. As for the food, it’s pretty good, especially the desserts. Isabel represents its Argentine roots with its standout dulce de leche over vanilla ice cream.  


       5. Chiltern Firehouse

Good for:  A great meal and low-key people watching. This is the place where, when certain Londoners lament a lack of good spots, they somehow agree that Chiltern Firehouse is universally the place to be. 

Why we like it: It’s homey and casual, with an authentic brasserie feel in the restaurant and a bar and lounge reminiscent of a great-aunt’s house. We especially like it when the London weather cooperates so we can sit in the lantern-strung courtyard on a warm night and catch up with friends. Chiltern Firehouse is a spot that’s cool without trying – it’s no surprise that its mastermind is hotelier André Balazs. A typical night starts with the fruits de mer tower; if we’re feeling like ballers, we splurge on the caviar with stracciatella.