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Best fly fishing Colorado

A River Runs Through It
October 4, 2017
By , Founder

We’ve been intrigued by the idea of fly fishing, ever since we saw Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It.  Not only could he rock a pair of waders, but his cast, though technically not correct, was pure cinematic magic.   Add in those baby blues, and we found ourselves with a sport that was #goals. 

*Bentley photos courtesy of Bentley Motors and Kelly Serfoss

It took a long time after that movie inspiration, but this 2017 was the beginning of our fly fishing obsession.  Our first experience with fly fishing was what you could call optimal.  We went out with Bentley Motors in a fleet of Bentaygas, their relatively new SUV, and road tripped through Colorado.  Besides going pedal to the metal on a few open stretches of some of the most beautiful scenery in the USA, we tested out the Bentayga’s off-roading ability by driving through rough unpaved terrain in the Rockies and through the riverbanks to get some prime fly fishing real estate.  We can say the Bentayga passed with flying colors, enhanced by the version we drove with the custom Mulliner fly fishing kit.  Seriously.  We’ve officially found the gift for the individual who has everything.  Since that trip with Bentley, and learning that there is a setting on the radio that makes the music louder the faster you go in their cars, we’ve put on our waders every chance we’ve had on our travels around the world.  These are our top three spots in Colorado to fly fish, where yes, a river runs through it.   

The Spot:  Dunton Hot Springs and Dunton Tented Camp

Why we love it:  We have to admit, we were skeptical as to why a family from Austria, land of the Alps, would buy a summer spot in Colorado.  Then we saw the mountain view from the front deck of our room while sipping a piping hot cup of coffee our first morning, and the mystery was solved.  An old mining town that has been converted to a hideaway camp of log cabins and our favorite room, Kristy’s Tent, Dunton makes you feel like you are in an old country western movie.  Except your room is stocked with Aesop products and they serve you gourmet Americana meals straight off the grill with locally grown ingredients.  It is the land of outdoor activities here, and the fly fishing can be as close as the pond right by the tented camp part of the compound, or in some really gorgeous mountain river streams. 

The dets:  Book with galavante at travel@galavante.com.  

The Spot:  The Roaring Fork River in Aspen

Why we love it:  Take away all the celebrities, luxury hotels (here’s looking at you St. Regis), expensive shopping and best restaurants in Colorado, and you have yourself an authentic country western town, set in the most beautiful part of the state with the friendliest locals.  The good thing is you don’t have to take away any of the glamour or beautiful scenery, as Aspen has it all. The only fly fish shop to work with as far as we’re concerned is Aspen Outfitting Company, based out of the St. Regis.  These instructors know what they are doing, and they take you to the most picturesque parcels of land to perfect your craft. 

The dets:  Aspen Outfitting Co at the St. Regis.  

The Spot:  Taylor River Lodge with Eleven Experience

Why we love it:  First, anything Eleven Experience, which is indisputably one of the top hotel portfolios in the world.  Eleven’s philosophy is simple; only the best.  That doesn’t mean crystal chandeliers or dripping in gold trim; what it does mean is lodges that reflect the destination decked out with all the toys and creature comforts you normally could only dream of.  Their mission at the Taylor River Lodge is fly fishing.   You can walk right out the backdoor with your rod and practice your cast in the river behind the property, where the fish are jumping.  Their instructors are top notch and it’s truly a personal issue if you don’t walk out a better fly fisher, not matter what level you started when you arrive.  Add in the private chef, nicest accommodations in all of Colorado and stunning setting,  Taylor River Lodge is the place to be. 

The dets:  Book with galavante at travel@galavante.com with more specifics on Eleven’s website.