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Aman Private Jet

The Om Series: The Aman Private Jet Wellness Retreat
May 30, 2018
By , Features Editor & Copy Editor

Spring cleaning isn’t just about purging your closets of those pre-millennium concert t-shirts.  Think of it as the perfect excuse to clean out you – both physically and mentally. We’re thinking a private plane, a world-renowned personal chef, and the Aman resorts will do the trick. Welcome to the Aman Private Jet Wellness Retreat. Consider it the opportunity to align your chakras in the penultimate of luxury. If you’re game (and why wouldn’t you be) this April, you and 11 guests will be transported by private jet to Turks and Caicos and the Dominican Republic for the optimal situation to get your Om on, clean out your diet, and reset.  

On the cutting edge of wellness is the plant-based diet, where, yes, you got it, all food is plant-based. In layman’s terms, that means no meat and dairy. Aman has brought in Chef Adam Kenworthy, who’s got some mad skills in the kitchen to create meals that won’t have you missing that porterhouse steak. 

The adventure begins in Puerto Plata at the Amanera resort, which is the playground for the hedge fund rich and famous. Think real-life Bobby Axelrods. It’s where they even get up close and personal with their spiritual sides with beachside meditations, yoga, and culinary workshops. It’s not all downward dog though; recreational sports include salsa dancing and toasting s’mores beneath the stars.

Next, your private jet will whisk you to the Amanyara resort in Turks and Caicos for three more nights of energy yoga and jetlag treatments, as well as snorkeling in the bluest waters you can imagine while sipping cocktails on sunset cruises. On your final day, Chef Adam will send you off in style with a farewell culinary seminar.

The six-night getaway is from April 29 to May 5, 2018 at a cost of US$32,730 per person, or US$51,030 for two, with an opt-out date of March 25, 2018. Book your wellness package today at travel@galavante.com.