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Palais Namaskar Marrakech

First Look - Palais Namaskar, Marrakech
March 21, 2012
By , Founder and Editor-in-Chief

No, this isn’t a mirage. This is the very real Palais Namaskar, a lavish palace dropped in the middle of a desert that spans 12 acres between the Atlas Mountains and the Djebilet Hills. The Palais Namaskar is much better than anything you can imagine, even in your most delirious state. Set amid manicured Balinese-inspired gardens, tranquil lakes, and reflecting pools, the stunning Palais features 41 rooms, suites, villas – and palaces. Yes, there are palaces within the palace. The spacious, light-flooded rooms have been Feng Shui-ed for ultimate peace of mind. Each oasis is gorgeously appointed with terraces, heated pools, fireplaces, and outdoor Jacuzzis. You know, just the usual palace amenities.

The Palais Namaskar is a destination unto itself, yet just an easy 30 minutes, by private driver of course, to the action of Marrakech. Additionally, a slew of nearby activities, like golf, paragliding, quad biking, and trekking the Atlas Mountains, make it just another perfect day in paradise. 

The ritual of Moroccan tea is brought to a whole new level at the Tea Lounge, where you can sip the famed Moroccan “whiskey,” which isn’t whiskey at all. And at the Palais, you’ll not only live like a king, you’ll dine like one too. The exotic gourmet restaurant serves inspired Moroccan, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine.  If you aren’t on board yet, you will be (literally) when you hop on their private jet. It’ll be waiting at the airport to take you directly to your palace. Because kings don’t fly commercial.  Kings travel in style.  So should you.

Opening: April 2012