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Luxury New Auberge Resorts Property in Utah

The Lodge at Blue Sky: Nature's Deal
May 1, 2019
By , Associate Editor

The Auberge Resorts group has had a prominent place in luxury hospitality all over the US, Europe, Mexico, and other places around the world since 1998. So when the new Lodge at Blue Sky property opens up in Utah, we know it’s exciting. Nature, fresh air, and a luxury lodge – we’re listening.

The new Auberge Resorts property is set on a 3,500-acre ranch, about 15 minutes away from Park City, and 40 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport – so Utah is your oyster. Better yet, since most US cities have direct flights to SLC, you can take a morning flight, and still be able to spend the whole day horse-riding and fly fishing – which is a timing prerequisite for weekend getaways.

The Lodge features forty-six suites in three different styles of accommodation, featuring a different element of nature, depending on the guest’s choice – be it the sky, the earth, or the creek. You can choose to stay in an intimate setting of five-hundred-and-seventy square feet, to a twenty-five-hundred apartment that occupies two stories. The Lodge also comes equipped with The Edge Spa, which offers treatments, yoga, guided meditation, and anything else that you might consider soothing.

Utah in and of itself is a worthy destination – some might say the best of the West when it comes to US travel. But with The Lodge at Blue Sky in the picture, it’s now one more reason to go get your nature on this summer.