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Holiday Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party Recipes
December 23, 2018
By , Food Writer

Bitter, savory, and sweet—three easy crowd-pleaser recipes for your holiday cocktail party.


Rudolph's So Bitter

This is a cocktail that’s as bitter as all of the other reindeer when Santa gave Rudolph that promotion: it’s a holiday drink for serious cocktail lovers who appreciate a good theme. The bitter notes of the Campari and vermouth cut through the deep berry sweetness of the raspberry cordial.

The retro Brooklyn diner, The Springs, has upped its charm by hosting the Donner & Blitzen’s Reindeer Lounge popup. It’s (dare I say it) Instagram-able holiday heaven—cozy decorations cover absolutely everything, and the crafted cocktails are all delicious, though this was our favorite.

Raspberry Cordial

4 parts raspberry puree, 2 parts sugar, and 1-part vodka

Rudolph’s so bitter

.75 oz raspberry cordial

.5 oz Campari

.25 oz Antica sweet vermouth

1.5 oz Reyka Vodka

(For an elegant holiday garnish, place a sprig of fresh rosemary across the top of the glass)




Russ and Daughters’ Potato Latkes with Wild Salmon Roe & Crème Fraiche

Hanukkah may be over, but in NYC, latkes are eaten throughout the holiday season. And why not? They’re delicious and comforting, especially the elevated Russ and Daughters’ rendition, which contains wild Alaskan salmon roe and crème fraiche. It’s that classic lox and sour cream flavor spruced up for a dish that’s easy and elegant. Tiny bites are nice, but if your cocktail party has… well, cocktails—your guests will be happy for something warm and filling.


Jean Georges’ Chewy Gingerbread Cookies

Tis’ the season for cookies, and somehow gingerbread just feels like the most sophisticated of all the holiday cookies. But maybe that’s because we’ve been baking Jean Georges’. JG’s recipe has freshly grated ginger, dark brown sugar, and molasses that makes them just the right amount of chewy. Make a few batches, because whether they’re served fresh from the oven, or arranged elegantly on a platter, they are sure to go very quickly.