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Meet the Real-Life Bobby Axelrod Whisperer
June 3, 2020
By , Founder

Jennie Harland-Khan, Confidant, Transformational Coach and Owner of L’Amandier in the Atlas Mountains

Get Your Mojo On

Meet Jennie, the real-life Bobby Axelrod whisperer. In layman’s terms, she’s a Confidant and Transformational Coach for overachievers. Average isn’t her thing — she works with people who have made it in life, you know, like Wendy from Billions, which if you haven’t seen yet, needs to be added to your stay at home TV schedule.

What could someone who has it all need? The answer is more; these individuals strive for the extraordinary. But even extraordinary people are people, too. Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur, CEO, business owner or Olympian, Jennie just looks at you and your s--- is all worked out. Here’s her take on managing and beasting in this COVID world.

Galavante: How have you and your family been managing during this time of the pandemic?

Jennie: As a family, we have been in training for this for years. Our philosophy in life has always been to get connected with our deepest desires, commit and go for it, rarely having any idea of how we’d make it happen. This has seen us relocate firstly to the ski resort Chamonix and then to Bali. For this period, we made a last-minute decision to come to Western Australia. In life, sometimes you have to have the faith to jump with no perceivable net.

As a result, my husband and I and our two teenage children are adaptable and resilient to change. I’m cherishing this time together to deepen our connection, learn new skills and play a lot! My son Zak is making pasta from scratch, learning to play guitar, and my daughter Leta is developing into an even more emotionally intelligent human being. We’ve never been closer as a family, in a time where we’ve never faced so many challenges. I know I’m going to treasure this time in my memories for years.

Galavante: What is it you do for your clients?

Jennie: I facilitate a highly confidential, discreet space for elite-performing clients to feel safe to share exactly what is going on for them without any judgment. I see who they really are and their untapped potential. By grounding them back to calmness, I guide them to be able to access their own wisdom, get in touch with what it is that they really desire, and collapse timelines through operating from the flow state for these to be realized.

It’s a huge privilege!

Galavante: What are your top four tips for managing right now if we’re struggling with this uncertainty of the pandemic?


1. Understand we are built for reality

Much of our time and energy is spent in fearful thinking about possible future scenarios, which are essentially all made up. It’s helpful to look in the direction of what IS certain.

What is certain is that every single one of us as human beings are built to adapt to this moment right now. We have everything we need within us, including innate resilience. We have a deep wisdom that just knows what to do in the moment, but doesn’t do so well in the future! Look for the evidence of this in your own life.

2. Do now what you know to do

We all feel better when in action of some kind. Once one step is taken, it ALWAYS leads to the next, even if you don’t know that is yet. Do what occurs to you to do each day and focus only on that — you’ll be surprised how the next step gets revealed to you.

3. Get support

There is nothing worse than thoughts flying around your head trying to work everything yourself. Talk things through with someone, or better still a professional. Although financially a stretch during this period, and I’m a coach myself, I invested in support, and it immediately shifted my perspective and opened up so many new ideas and opportunities.

4. “Put it down”

Clarity comes when thinking settles down. The quickest way for that to happen is “put it down.” Catch yourself when you are trying to work everything out, and do something different — take a bath, read a novel, go for a walk if you can or mediate. You’ll find fresh thinking occurs in these moments.

Galavante: What’s your prediction for one year from now? You know how much we all like certainty!

Jennie: The only prediction that I really have with any certainty is that you will be OK. Life may not look like perhaps you had planned, but it is without a doubt happening for us! Each of us will adapt, normalize to a degree and carry on doing life the best we can. It’s what we as humans are best at.

Galavante: Well, Wendy, I mean Jennie, we’re ready to take on the world. Thanks for all the advice.

Jennie is available to select clients during this COVID time — learn more about getting your mojo on by emailing Jennie and checking out her website here.