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Best Winter Vacation Deals

The Winter Paws Up Resort Deal
November 27, 2019
By , Contributor

You’ve done the private islands and the luxury European hotels. You’ve hit all the global hot spots, and the locals at Ibiza could probably pick you out of a line-up. And as much as we love all that too, it’s sometimes it’s time for somewhere fresh – and such a place exists, right in your own backyard: The Resort at Paws Up, Montana. Better yet, they have a deal right now. It’s $626 per night/per person (based on 2 adults staying in a Meadow Home), plus each guest receives $200 credit on activities/spa with booking a 3+ night stay. But you have to book soon. As in, now. The offer is only good until November 30th.

Montana is a breath of fresh air, and Paws Up is no exception. The 37,000-acre private working ranch a complete change of pace – and don’t let the word “ranch” throw you for a spin: these people know how to provide a luxury experience. Their goal was to change the idea of “roughing it” to “roughing it in style.” But at Paws Up, no one’s “roughing” much of anything.

The accommodation ranges from luxury homes to safari tents, which means that it can all be tailored to your specific situation. If the resort is your romantic getaway that you’ve been putting off, you can get a private house or tent – and pair that with spa treatments, yoga, and mindfulness. But the family activities are where The Resort really shines – from archery, arena lessons, ATV tours, and canoeing, to cattle driving, dinner on the Wagon, fly-fishing, a tour of a ghost town, Go-Karting, hot air ballooning, and paintball, it’s pretty much a given that Paws Up has it all.

Oh, and we don’t even have time to dive into the food—as you can imagine, you’ve never had steak like this.

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