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Maison Kayser New York

Breaking Bread
January 17, 2013
By , NYC Contributor

The place: Maison Kayser

The space: Man might indeed be able to live on bread alone – if it’s made by Eric Kayser. His Paris-based boulangerie has spread across the world, finding its New York home in the Upper East Side. The suit fits, and the café wears it well with white walls, black trim, and a glittery veneer of color via French magazine covers and costume sketches. The close table arrangements and crowds make confidentiality difficult, but the place is a formidable weapon in any charm offense.     

The beans: Espressos, cappuccinos, and drips come care of Italy-based Filicori Zecchini, in one of four types including officially certified Italian espresso. Part of the secret is roasting bean types separately before blending. Another comes from pumping it through a La Marzocco machine

The complement: Although Kayser is best known for its bread, the Viennoiserie breakfast pastries are excellent, especially the buttery and flaky almond croissant, filled with frangipane.

1294 Third Ave., 212-744-3100, maison-kayser-usa.com