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Eric Kayser New York City

A Real Boulangerie
February 12, 2014

The place: Maison Kaiser, Upper East Side

The space: The original outpost of Éric Kayser’s chainlette of bakeries and cafes that have taken New York City by storm, the Upper East Side location is a bustling center of high-powered charity heads, attractive young moms with kids and rarefied ladies and gents of leisure. It’s a productive and energetic place to meet for corporate coffee, not to mention a deliciously aromatic one. We would save computer work for another locale, since chairs aren’t as plush or cozy as you can find at hotel lounges in the area.

The beans: Though it’s a French bakery, their beans are all Italian. The cult Filicori brand, brewed on Faema coffee machines, has a strong kick both in taste and caffeination. Teas are exotic; our favorite is the Thé du Hammam – a green tea with rose, orange blossom and dates.

The complement: The coffee and tea is secondary (actually a far second) to the pastries and bread. This is a boulangerie, after all, and if there’s one place where it’s worth carb-loading, this is it. Their white-chocolate bread is a standout, as is the Gruyère cheese bread. Think of it as an entrée and dessert. We also like their to-go case of salads, sandwiches and savories, like the potato salad with smoked turkey, mustard and red bliss potatoes. If you’re sitting down to lunch, the grandly presented crabe au guacamole is a decadently savory and satisfying way to compliment your business coffee.

(Photos courtesy of Maison Kayser)