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Top Goat Cheese Recipe

Brûlée of Ripened Goat Log
By , Food Features Writer + Copyeditor
November 21, 2018

Crème brûlée and cheese are undoubtedly among the top contributions France has made to cuisine, and as a combination, it’s off the charts. This is a simple recipe that’s sure to impress your guests. Ripened goat is distinct from fresh goat cheese as it is aged and has an edible rind with a silky cream line that contrasts with the sharp, crumbly middle. Torching the sugar coated ends creates that distinct caramelized crust and adds a rich sweetness to the tart notes of the goat cheese. It’s a crowd pleaser, and the perfect staple to keep in your fridge over the holidays should friends unexpectedly drop by.

Brûlée of Ripened Goat Log

2 one-inch thick slices of Ripened Goat Log
2 tbsp turbinado / sugar in the raw
Evenly sprinkle the sugar over one of each of the cut ends of the Ripened Goat Log.
Using a torch or your broiler, brûlée the sugar until dark and crisp.
Let sit for a few minutes to harden before serving.

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