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Spanish Seafood Recipes

A Casual Ibiza
By , Cooling Your Jets Contributor
June 15, 2011

While the clientele of the famed Illetes beach café Juan y Andreas has changed since it opened in 1972, its character has remained the same. Once a humble beach bar where Andrea prepared meals from what her husband, Juan, caught at sea, the restaurant now offers a port for posh yachters. Despite this refinement, you’ll be seated on plastic beach chairs by a barefoot waiter, and dine under billowing white umbrellas.

Ibizan cuisine skews Mediterranean with – no surprise – an abundance of seafood. Juan y Andrea’s menu celebrates this without compromise, from salt-crusted fish to paella. We were truly inspired by the restraint and simplicity of their dishes and offer our Cooling Your Jets rendition. To get the full experience, we suggest taking a cue from the restaurant’s no-frills vibe and prepare the meal barefoot. 

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