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The Signature Recipe from Riga's 3 Pavaru

The Jackson Pollock
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief
July 17, 2019

When I’ve been on the road for two weeks, and eating the required number of calories for an Olympic athlete right before the games, the meals sometimes become a blur. On my trip to the Baltics, it was actually the last dinner that was the most memorable. I told my hotel that I wanted to go to the most gourmet, but cool-vibe restaurant in town, where it would be fun to watch the kitchen and sit at the bar to have dinner. “Show me modern Latvian cuisine,” which is exactly what they did at the 3 Pavaru, which means “three chefs.” As its name spells out, this is a collaboration of three chefs, who have some major creative skills in their open kitchen, which is the center stage in the dining room. If this was a New York restaurant, it would be in Brooklyn, complete with a handle-barred mustached chef who churns out thoughtfully and artfully prepared meals. It’s a can’t-miss in Riga, if only to come for what we’ve dubbed The Jackson Pollack, recipe below.

When you arrive at 3 Pavaru, your welcome is a selection of bread and dips, although it’s anything but your traditional breadbasket. In front of you is a white paper placemat, which the chef will proceed to paint, Jackson Pollock style with dips, and serve up with the regional homemade fresh bread. To try this at home, lay out white art paper length-wise right down the center of your dining room table, and get ready to have some fun splattering various sauces as your guests gather around the table. The key is to get a great blender like a Vitamix that can finely blend all the ingredients, which can be made up to 3-4 days at least prior. Alternatively, you can do some shopping in your local prepared sauce isle for mango chutney and pesto, if you don’t want to make sauces from scratch. The beauty is that anyone can make this recipe in which the presentation factor is the star.

The Jackson Pollock: Mango Sauce


3 ripe mangos

4 tablespoons olive oil

Salt, to taste


Cut the flesh off of the mangos and place in a blender. Add olive oil and blend until smooth. Add water, a tablespoon at a time, until mixture is a consistency that can be squeezed through the opening of a squeeze bottle. Every mango is different in terms of ripeness, so taste the mixture and add sugar by the teaspoon until you have the desired sweetness. Add in the salt and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. To serve, bring to room temperature about an hour prior to dinner.   

The Jackson Pollock: Raspberry Puree


1 pint raspberries

3 tablespoons fruity olive oil

Sugar, to taste


Add the raspberries to the blender. Blend, drizzling the olive oil into the opening of the lid in a steady stream. Taste and add sugar by the teaspoon until you have the desired sweetness. Set aside until you are ready to serve. This is best made fresh the day of, and is served at room temperature. 

The Jackson Pollock: Basil Oil


1 large bunch basil

½ cup olive oil

Sea salt, to taste


De-stem the basil and place the leaves in the blender. In a steady stream as you blend, add the olive oil and sea salt. Can be made up to one day prior; bring to room temperature prior to serving. 

The Jackson Pollock: Sweet Balsamic


Choose a brand of balsamic vinegar glaze that is sweet and thick, and add to the presentation in small dots to accentuate the other sauces.  

Serve all of the above with warm focaccia bread.

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