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Kerry Heffernan

School of Fish
By , Founder and Editor-in-chief
April 15, 2015

Being environmentally conscious never tasted so good, as with our sustainable fish cooking class with famed chef Kerry Heffernan.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Kerry has had a strong French influence in his cooking, from the kitchens of Montrachet, Restaurant Bouley, the Polo Restaurant and Eleven Madison Park.  We spent the morning cooking with him at the International Culinary Center during the NY Culinary Experience

Galavante: What ingredient do you love right now? 

Kerry:  Well, if it wasn’t obvious from our cooking class, that would be ramps.  There’s nothing better than ramps in season.  My recipe of soup with local clams, ramps and bacon is simple, but packed with flavor. 

Galavante:  That it was; we think every dish you presented today was flavorful, and while our plating made it look very fancy, the recipes were easy to make.  What’s your tip for cooking fish? 

Kerry:  Cook it on the bone, which allows you to retain the moisture of the fish.  For crudo, I chose porgy because of its high fat content and seasonality.  It’s fattiest in the fall and spring, which is now.  It makes it perfect for crudo. 

Galavante:  What’s the best dish you’ve had recently? 

Kerry:  It’s actually one that I made myself when I was in South Florida, in the town of Marathon.  It was fresh hogfish we caught that day, which I made with lobster over grits.  It was amazing. 

Galavante:  What about a dish that someone has cooked for you? 

Kerry:  Well, I was at Daniel the other week, and as usual, it was incredible.  I think we had 17 dishes.  The smoked salmon with cardamom and beets was just one of the standouts.  

Galavante: Last question, before we get back to cooking with you.  What are you summer travel plans?

Kerry:  That would be Sag Harbor, Sag Harbor and Sag Harbor.  I have a house out there and a great garden. 

Galavante:  Thanks so much for the recipes – we’ll be making these again for sure at home. 



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