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The Soup You Need In Your Life - Stracciatella
By , Founder
June 3, 2020

When I’m home, I make a point to eat as clean and healthy as I can. During the day, it’s a protein shake (recipe to come in the future), and at night, when I’m not out with friends or clients, it’s usually something much simpler than what we’re cooking on The 195. My go-to is my version of Stracciatella soup, which I first had at Tarallucci e Vino over a decade ago. Nowadays they serve a crespelle soup, which is a chicken broth base with crepes, but I love the Stracciatella because it’s high in protein, and I save the egg yolks for Hollandaise sauce or another recipe. And it’s packed with vitamin A because I am very generous with the spinach. I also like that this recipe can be made in one pot and requires almost no cooking. I froze this soup, egg whites and all, and was surprised that it was even better than making it fresh, as the spinach had really infused the soup and the egg whites were still delicious. There’s a reason I lost 30 pounds in two years, and while it was 50% lifestyle, the other 50% was definitely due to diet.

Stracciatella Soup


12 cups chicken broth, or 8 cups chicken bone broth (alternatively you can make this vegetarian with a vegetarian broth)
5 egg whites
½ pound spinach
Parmesan cheese to generously garnish
Optional: Gluten-free elbow pasta


You can be a hero and make your own broth, especially if you’re roasting a chicken and have leftover bones for the base. Otherwise, there are great bone broth spots to order from like Brodo, or buy Whole Foods organic chicken broth like I do. If not using a bone broth, you need reduce the broth from 12 cups to 8 cups, first by heating it on high until there’s a rolling boil, and then reducing the heat to medium and simmering until the broth is very concentrated (equivalent to 8 cups). If using bone broth, heat to simmering. In a separate bowl, gently beat the egg whites but don’t froth them as it will affect their consistency in the soup. Add in the spinach to the broth and allow to simmer for 2 minutes, then add in the egg whites, stirring constantly until they rise to the top and are just cooked through. Serve immediately and garnish with Parmesan cheese. For a heartier soup, add in gluten-free elbow pasta.

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