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Best Bagel Spread for Brunch

The Ultimate Bagel & Lox Spread for Laid-Back Weekend Entertaining
By , Food Writer
August 21, 2019

When it comes to weekend entertaining, nothing is more effortless, adaptable, or sure to please a picky crowd than bagels & lox. A diverse spread will cover every dietary restriction your brunch guests may have, which means no panicking when you remember that your friend is gluten-intolerant, or learn that their plus-one doesn’t eat dairy. Plus, it’s easy on the host: even the most elaborate spread requires little to no cooking (nearly all of which can all be done the night before), and you can set everything out just before guests arrive with some plates and drinks, and then enjoy your own get-together as people serve themselves.

This bagels & lox spread is inspired by Golda’s Delicatessen, the New-York-City-meets-Tel-Aviv breakfast spot in The Jaffa hotel in Israel. We have all of the components you’ll need to create the ultimate spread of bagels, schmears and fixings, and the simple checklist and timeline you’ll need to throw a laid-back-but luxe weekend soirée.

The Ultimate Bagel & Lox Spread


A mix of plain, everything, sesame and gluten-free bagels from a bakery like Sadelle’s in NYC

High-quality lox from Russ & Daughters (which ships all over the U.S.) or Daniel Boulud at Whole Foods

Sliced red onion

Sliced avocado

Thinly-sliced Meyer lemons

Plain cream cheese

Herbed cream cheese



A few good-quality salts, like sea, smoked, and black salts

Hard-boiled eggs

Blanched asparagus

Fried capers 


The Day Before:

1. Pick up all the groceries except for the bagels.
2. Hard-boil the eggs, peel and refrigerate.
3. Trim and blanch the asparagus, then refrigerate.

The Morning of

1. Pick up the bagels.
2. Set out plates, utensils, and napkins.
3. Slice the onion, avocado, Meyer lemon, and hard-boiled eggs and arrange on a large platter, board, or tray along with the blanched asparagus and serving utensils.
4. Add small bowls of salts to the platter.
5. Get some drinks ready: Brew some coffee and set out in a carafe with coffee cups, cream, a non-dairy milk, sugar, and spoons or stirrers. Make a pitcher or two of Bloody Mary’s, or carafes of juice and bubbly on ice for Mimosas or Bellinis. Set out some glasses and extra ice.
6. Just before your guests are scheduled to arrive, add the cream cheeses, hummus, and caviar to the platter. Slice the bagels and set out on an additional platter.
7. Fry the capers, transfer to a small bowl, and add to the platter.
8. Pour yourself a drink and wait for your first guest to arrive.

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