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Moves Like Jagger - Moves Like Wills and Kate
November 4, 2020
By , Writer

We have Mustique on the brain, and this Caribbean isle attracts a certain level of celebrity. Whereas the paps can show up pretty much anywhere else, Mustique is by invitation only and they’re not on the list, so celebs who value utter privacy are spared prying eyes. Which means they can really let loose. So yes, Mick Jagger, who owns a home there, and Wills and Kate, who come every year, can get their moves on in private.

If you’re confused by the mystique of Mustique, check out our feature on the incredible private island in the Caribbean. Hans Neumann, a Mustique legend, saved the island from further development and can be thanked for the pristine, low-key, streetlight-free terrain, which makes it so incredibly special. You virtually can’t go there without seeing stars — celestial and human. It feels like the celeb list of island visitors is endless.

Among the Mustique lovers are, as we mentioned, Mick Jagger. (Jagger is known for dancing all night at Basil’s.) Also, the late great David Bowie was inspired to buy his own place on the island after staying there with his friend, Mick. Singer Cheryl Cole got married on the island, and Sir Paul McCartney has been known to visit on occasion. Shania Twain once owned the Blackstone villa, and the Hilfigers have a villa of their own. Tommy isn’t the only designer to make Mustique home, at least temporarily. Tom Ford reportedly rents Plantation House from time to time.

But it isn’t just Hollywood, fashion and music legends who frequent the island. Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as Princess Margaret (who fancies a whiskey from Basil’s) have made the island home for a bit. Bottom line, celebs who like low-key luxurious — of which there are a quite a few — can be found here, drawn by the island’s preserved natural beauty.