• Saturday, October 24, 2020

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The Peninsula Hotel - Because We'll Always Be Friends
July 22, 2020
By , Editor

Is there a hotel that is a reason in itself to travel to the Windy City? It may just be this one, where the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart and the most well-heeled call home when in town. And yes, even during its infamous winters (actually, especially for the holidays), this hotel is a reason to travel to Chicago. Welcome to The Peninsula.

Chicago is a city where the heavy hitter luxury hotels all have their footprint, but The Peninsula is just in its own class.  It makes a difference when you can’t use hotel points to stay at a property and a hotel isn’t overrun with a bunch of influencers.  The Peninsula attracts a certain kind of elegant, well-heeled clientele, where most everyone here is paying full freight and it shows.  This is the kind of place that you imagine a luxury hotel should be; grand impressive lobby, a piano player somewhere in the background performing for afternoon tea, impressive restaurants (we can’t wait for COVID to be over to have the Sunday brunch back) and the most generously sized and well-appointed rooms in the city.  While the style is the classic traditional Peninsula, their technology in the rooms is state of the art.  The rooms may just be the cleanest you will experience at a hotel.  It’s no wonder when the big celebrities are staying in Chicago, this is where they hole up in the penthouse or in a suite.