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gwyneth paltrow vacation

The Maldives - Vacation Like Gwyneth
November 18, 2020
By , Founder

Where do you go on a honeymoon with your new husband, your former husband, your kids and your new stepkids? If you’re Gwyneth, that would be to an atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean in your own over-the-water villa, waterslide included. Clearly a vacation for the modern family.  

Welcome to Soneva Jani, which is #goals you did not know you had. Set up as all over-the-water villas, this may just be the most fun, luxury place you’ll stay.  Boardwalks slightly larger than  the width of a golf cart connect the villas, restaurants, spa and gym in this enclave, where if you’re not wandering around by foot, you’re biking through this surreally set resort in the Maldives.  You feel like you’re in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory with the level of imagination and creativity that is put into the whimsical yet clearly barefoot billionaire vibe of the resort.  They even have a 24/7 chocolate room, you know, for when the craving hits.  The resort is the sister to Soneva Fushi, and between them, almost entirely sustainable, except for the impressive wine cellars that they bring in.  You know, for when the chocolate and Dom craving hits.  

But back to the villas, because there’s a reason that Gwyneth and her gang chose Soneva Jani.  Your home on the water notably has a bathroom with a lounging day bed, and is open air with strategic coverings to the Indian ocean, should you want to jump right in and take a dip.  Alternatively you have your own private pool, and plenty of chill out space from the TV room to large living areas, multiple bedrooms to be in your own fantastical space should you not want to socialize with the other notables on atoll. If there’s one place you want to splurge at least once in  your lifetime, Soneva Jani should be on the list.