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Necker Island
October 14, 2020
By , Writer

If you’re a billionaire and go anywhere in the world, naturally your retreat will be your own private island. With your entourage of 40+ besties and family. Welcome to Necker Island, where the likes of Sir Richard Branson can be found with an equally celebrity-studded guest list on any given week. We have the inside scoop of how you can experience Necker, without buying out the entire island for a cool $100k a night.

Everyone is in the same boat nowadays with the pandemic when it comes to travel, even celebs, and that’s why many have avoided quarantining by staying at home. But not all homes are equal… Some involve private islands you can make yours for a little while. One of our favorites is Necker Island. Sir Richard Branson made headlines when he bought Necker Island in 1978, and since the ’80s, celebrities such as Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana have visited. Kate Winslet was even reported to have saved Sir Richard's mother during an unexpected fire, though don't mention that to Eve (aka Mrs. Branson) as she's a tough lady, and no one is rescuing her.  Today, Necker Island stands as one of the oldest celebrity-owned destinations in the world and is one of the best spots in the British Virgin Islands.

Good for you and up to 40 of your closest friends, Necker Island is a sustainable getaway that’s perfect for COVID-19 restrictions, like staying in one place. But it isn’t just about being remote. When you stay at Necker, you’re immersed in a private world teeming with life. In the BVI, there is no shortage of white sand beaches and activities like boating and wildlife adventures, but we know you’re really here for relaxation and luxury.  If you're not up to renting the whole isle, there are special celebration weeks at Necker, which allow you to reserve a room, which while still a relatively expensive nut, beats the $100k/night price tag to buy out the isle.

Upon arrival, staff will be waiting for you with champagne to welcome you “home.”. At Necker, you are more than a guest. Where you’ll stay if a group — the Great House — is a Balinese-style villa with 10 incredible rooms and a 1,500-square-foot master suite. There, you’ll recline on a wraparound terrace with hammocks during the day. At night, the house is where people come together for food and partying. Rooms have a balcony and en suite bathroom, and the hot tub and full bar are perfect for fun alone or with friends. Dining is another feature you won’t want to miss. The floating sushi bar has fresh-caught fare for you and your friends to share.

If looking for a little more privacy, scattered around the island are equally beautiful Balinese-style villas set on the beach. Of course with private pools and sailing races, you’ll get the best luxe experience there is, but what the island is really about is making you feel at home, in an incredible home at that. Unlike some of the other celeb-owned island resorts, Necker is not about going above and beyond the natural scenery and necessary relaxation and amenities. On a tropical island, you want to be connected to the natural surroundings, dining on local food and lounging with your friends on the beach. During COVID-19, we’re looking to upgrade our daily lives with just that.