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Keith Richards' Private Villa in the Caribbean

Rocky Point Villa: The Rentable Keith-Richards-Owned Vacation Home
September 3, 2019
By , Associate Editor

The property: Rocky Point Villa, Parrot Cay Island, Turks & Caicos

Who: If you’ve been rich and famous for as long as Keith Richards has, you could probably give most celebrities a run for their money when it comes to vacationing at the height of luxury. The English singer, songwriter, and co-Mick-Jagger of the Rolling Stones, has been setting the bar high for celebrity vacations since the 1960s. We trust that in sixty years of celebrity vacations, he’s figured it out, and we’re safe to follow his example.

Why: While it’s fun to read about celebrity vacation homes, it’s a lot more interesting to read about them if you can rent them for yourself. Keith Richard’s Rocky Point villa on the private Parrot Cay Island in Turks & Caicos is indeed rentable, starting at $5,400 per night, or $37,800 per week. The 1,000-acre island is a who’s who of celebrity-owned homes – and it’s really okay to follow the crowd in this scenario. The three-bedroom is located on the edge of the island, with two acres of beach access, an infinity pool, floor-to-ceiling windows, a butler, and everything else you could fathom. Rates usually double in peak season.