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Celebrity Vacation Destination in Mexico

Sanara Tulum: The Who's Who of Luxury Tranquility
October 2, 2019
By , Associate Editor

The property: Sanara Tulum, Mexico

Who: It would be easier to list celebrities who do not vacation here. Everyone from Drew Barrymore, Richard Gere, Sienna Miller, and Reese Witherspoon, to the sports couple Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick (who were recently spotted biking around town) has vacationed here.

Why: Sanara Tuluam is a luxury eco-boutique hotel, located on Tulum Beach in Quintana Roo in Mexico. The word “Sanara” translates as “you will heal” in Spanish – which is easy to believe if the hotel sits on top of one of the most beautiful sandy-white beaches in the world, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a jungle-meets-beach, “mod-cons-meets-ancient-ruins,” barefoot Mayan minimalist style hotel (which is a lot to take in, but all accurate). Although the hotel is most perfect for yoga lovers and healthy-eating gourmands, anyone who seeks a little luxury tranquility will find peace here.

The suites on the ground floor come equipped with al fresco claw-foot bath tubs, and those on the second floor each have a balcony overlooking the ocean. Families are also able to book the three-suite Beach Villa, which comes with a living and dining room.

But the main attraction is the hotel spa: the Sanara Wellness Centre. In-house as well as guest specialists work to create “Cleanse & Heal” programs, which aim to have you leave a little healthier than when you checked in. Treatments range from classic cleanses, to crystal healing, craniosacral therapy, and biomagnetic treatments.