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A Preppy Summer
August 10, 2013
By , Celebrity Contributor

The preppy getaway: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Land ahoy: “The Vineyard,” located just off the coast of Cape Cod, is the 58th largest island in the U.S.

Seafaring celebrities: Presidential families like the Obamas, Clintons, and Kennedys aren’t alone in dusting off their pastel pink Vineyard Vines trousers and polo shirts. Jake Gyllenhaal, James Taylor, Ted Danson, and Mary Steenburgen all have summer homes here. Celebs love this sleepy little sea town for its remoteness – it can only be accessed by yacht or ferry – as well as its vintage mom and pop charm. The added bonus is designer boutiques like Midnight Farm, owned by Carly Simon, and luxury restaurants such as Atria. Plus, tucked amid the sand dunes and lighthouses are members-only spots like the Edgartown Yacht Club.

A legacy of tragedy: The island is a dangerously beautiful spot for the Kennedy family, who has lived here since Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis purchased land in 1978. This is where former Senator Ted Kennedy accidentally drove off a bridge, killing passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, and also where John F. Kennedy, Jr. and wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy died in a plane crash. 

Pop trivia: The Vineyard is creative territory: Painter Jackson Pollock created Seascape and T.P.’s Boat in Menemsha Pond here. And, this is where Steven Spielberg filmed Jaws. Also, the island is so beloved by Michael J. Fox that he named his daughter Aquinnah after one of its towns.

A hotel fit for royalty: The Charlotte Inn is easily the toniest hotel on the island – and where Princess Diana stayed during her only island visit back in 1994. These days, stars like Meg Ryan choose this inn for the complete privacy they’re afforded.

Did someone say “lobstah?” You may be surprised to find that the best restaurants on MV – L’etoile and Détente are actually French. But for excellent New England-style lobstah and chowdah, Larsen’s Fish Market will hit your sweet spot.