• Friday, February 21, 2020

Glamour (And Activities) Galore

Grand Cayman Cayman Islands
By , Families Contributor

This mega-resort has it all: gorgeous beaches, seven dining options, and a supersized menu of activities. It’s also the easiest commute from New York, with direct flights to Grand Cayman and a quick four-mile drive to the resort. The décor leaves more to be desired (think Palm Beach, not Balinese), but with so much to do, you’ll never be in the room anyway. 

Why We Love It

Adventurous families who are always on the go, even on vacation. The Ambassadors of the Environment program offers some of the coolest educational children’s activities around, including exploring the Cayman’s vast ecological treasures. Check out the Sea Floor Submarine Adventures for the little ones or the Night Snorkel adventure for the over 10-set.