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Salvation Burger Menu

We Found Salvation - Salvation Burger
August 20, 2015

The Restaurant:  Salvation Burger

Why we like it:  In spite of being on everyone’s top list and setting expectations too high, Salvation Burger brings us back to the comfort food of growing up, when it was perfectly acceptable to eat all the McDonalds your heart could desire.  But now, instead of food that has a shelf life longer than canned goods, April Bloomfield, who by the way, we have a total girl crush on, reinvents fast cuisine.  Virtually everything is homemade on the menu – from the buns that tuck in their juicy namesake burgers, all the way to the mustard and pickles.  This is a place where clearly fresh ingredients and some serious skills in the kitchen are the X Factor.  The result is one of the tastiest meals in the city when you’re not looking to take yourself so seriously. 

What to order:   A burger is a no brainer.  The Classic Burger is just about perfection, with a big old patty with homemade special cheese sauce and pickles.  At around $25 sans French fries, it’s a baller burger, but those who complain need not apply.  The Salvation Burger elevates ingredients, if that’s your jam, with hen of the woods mushrooms and smoked blue cheese.  We also liked the fried fish sandwich, which is a more elegant version of the filet o’ fish with simple cabbage slaw and homemade tartar sauce.  Of course whatever you order, make it with a side of French fries. 

The unsung heroes though on this menu are the Caesar salad, which you eat with your hands, picking up each big leaf of Romaine, which was how Caesar salad was originally meant to be eaten.  We also liked the green salad with buttermilk and toasted seeds. 

Save room for dessert, if only for the curiosity factor.  They have once again a riff on the McDonalds apple pie, which comes in the classic fried apple pie, or fried lemon pie version.  We also thought the parsnip chiffon pie was a really interesting creation, and liked the banana cream in a glass. 

The Details:  http://www.salvationburger.com  230 E. 51st Street