• Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Navy Restaurant NYC

The Ultimate NYC Bistro
September 30, 2015

Why we like it:  This type of restaurant is why we live in New York City.  Navy is a classic bistro, that has it all going on.   Sexy vibe?  Check.  Egalitarian service?  Check.  Great food? You betcha.  Navy knows exactly who they are, and they deliver an effortlessly cool experience.  The food is seasonally driven, like any restaurant worth its salt nowadays, but the execution is worth noting.  The added bonus is that it’s not just the food enhanced at Navy; the candlelit atmosphere amps up everyone’s attractiveness.  While dinner is aggressive for a first date, this is definitely a second date spot.

What to order:  Their chef understands the importance of flavor.  A simple peach and house made ricotta is amped up with fresh lavender, and the fluke crudo is a power-packed concoction of coconut milk, lime, chili, pepita and cilantro that will have you double downing on this dish.