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Dreams of Sushi Bars - Nami Nori
May 13, 2020
By , Editor

We are counting down the days until we can eat at the sushi bar at Nami Nori.  Until then, order delivery, but here’s the inside scoop.  

Good for: Solo dining, casual dinner a deux, and anyone willing to hold out for worth-the-wait sushi. Larger groups may actually be spared the long queue for the mostly walk-in meritocracy if you can reserve the back room.

Atmosphere: There is nothing about this place that takes itself seriously, except for the food. It’s modern, casual, and fun. Every seat is at the sushi bar where it’s like dinner and a show, as each meticulously assembled roll is placed on top of the sushi bar in taco-like holders, meant to be eaten immediately.

Why we like it: Food, food, and more food. Nami Nori takes traditional Japanese dishes and makes them their own. Everything — from the edamame at lunch with citrus and flavored salt, to the miso soup with tofu that’s fried first, and all the way to the sushi served like an open-faced crispy seaweed taco — is next level. This is a place where every single bite is maximized in flavor, creativity, and care.

What to order: At lunch, no question, go for the $19 omakase, which is a value as it includes edamame, miso soup, and four chef’s choice open-faced hand rolls. There’s often the salmon with cream cheese  and a vegetarian option like the cucumber roll.  Even if you go all vegetarian or vegan here, it’s still a great meal. For fish and seafood lovers, the lobster tempura and the impossibly crispy crab dynamite are not to be missed. Pass on the starters of cottage fries and seaweed chips, and save more room for the sushi.