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Marta NYC

When the Moon Hits Your Eye, Like a Big Pizza Pie
February 8, 2016

The Restaurant:  Marta in the Martha Washington Hotel

Why we like it:  We’re going out on a limb here to confidently assert that Marta has one of the best pizza pies in the city.  Enough for us to break our gluten-free diet,  the wafer thin, brick-oven charred crispy crust that’s perfectly wet in the center is worth it.  A tangy, flavor-packed tomato sauce just graces the pie which is topped with everything from house made stracciatella to black truffle.  The pizza is so exceptional that even a plain Jane margherita hits the spot. 

What to order:  Pizza, of course.  You’re not going to go wrong with any on the menu.  For antipasti, we like to Nebrodini Arrostiti, which is a selection of wood-fired mushrooms, kale and mustard greens.  We save a few to top our pizza.  Lunch is a steal, where a $32 prix fixe gets you an antipasti, pizza and seasonal sorbet that’s almost enough for two to share, if the pizza wasn’t so exceptional. 

The dets:  In the hotter than ever NoMad neighborhood.  29 E. 29th Street http://www.martamanhattan.com